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FREE Download Astra Theme Nulled Theme is Fast, Lightweight & Customizable WordPress Theme for Any Website. Join 600,000+ users who build awesome websites with Astra. Reduce website design time by using pixel perfect ready to use website.

Astra Wordpress Theme Changelog

- Improvement: Added compatibility for Elementor Pro v3.5.0 WooCommerce widgets.
- Fix: WPForms submit button not inheriting global button text color.
- Fix: 'Disable Below Header' option is not visible in Astra meta settings.
- Fix: LearnDash - Astra meta settings are not getting saved for the course page.

- New: Breadcrumb compatibility with SEOPress plugin. ( https://wpastra.com/docs/add-breadcrumbs-with-astra/#support-for-third-party-plugins )
- Improvement: Gutenberg editor core blocks UI/UX improvement. ( https://wpastra.com/docs/gutenberg-ui-improvements-with-astra/ )
- Improvement: Code refactor – Some filters, functions, hooks are deprecated and replaced with astra_ prefix NamingConvention. ( https://wpastra.com/docs/deprecated-astra-hooks/ )
- Improvement: Gutenberg frontend blocks UI improvement. ( https://wpastra.com/docs/gutenberg-ui-improvements-with-astra/ )
- Improvement: Global – Typography – Heading presets value should also retain in H1 to H6.
- Improvement: Moved Astra meta settings into a separate Gutenberg sidebar panel. ( https://wpastra.com/astra-3-7-4/ )
- Fix: W3 validation - Getting duplicate H1 tag for site-title.
- Fix: W3 validation - Duplicate HTML id '#site-navigation' if there are multiple menus on a single page.
- Fix: W3 validation - CSS parse error for '.menu-link' & '.wp-block-button__link'.
- Fix: W3 validation - Duplicate ID: '#ast-hf-mobile-menu'. This change may break CSS if you have used custom CSS on '#ast-hf-mobile-menu' HTML ID.
- Fix: W3 validation - Duplicate ID: '#Layer_1'. This change may break CSS if you have used custom CSS on '#Layer_1' HTML ID.
- Fix: Gutenberg Editor content area showing white background color when Full-screen mode is active.
- Fix: Color picker tooltip appears on hover of selection area & its palette.
- Fix: The default "Add Widget" text alignment issue in the header.
- Fix: Image and Text blocks alignment not working properly with Image size - Medium in the editor.
- Fix: Alignwide blocks getting horizontal scrollbar on tablet breakpoint & 1400px between devices. (Props - https://github.com/ZebulanStanphill)
- Fix: Inner container Gutenberg block's content width not affected by "Container Width" option. (Props - https://github.com/ZebulanStanphill)
- Fix: Gutenberg - Font weight for the heading typography is appearing differently on the editor and frontend.
- Fix: WooCommerce - Broken grid layout on mobile view for products shortcode.
- Fix: Title is misaligned in Gutenberg editor when the Gutenberg plugin v11.4.1 and above is active.
- Fix: The hamburger button is not changing its aria-expanded attribute to true on expanding.

- Fix: Builder - Offcanvas content directly visible on frontend even 'Toggle Button' component is not added in builder area.
- Fix: Full Size & Wide Size block layout options missing from core/image block.
- Fix: Button Preset preview not working for an edge case.
- Fix: Global color palette - customizer preview for Elementor pages not working.
- Fix: Customizer - Block Settings area getting irrelevant round shapes.

- Fix: Incorrect Site Background Color on pages with Full Width layout.

- Fix: Gutenberg - Group Block appearing full width on frontend.

- New: Global Color Palette compatibility for Block editor using theme.json. (https://wpastra.com/astra-3-7/)
- Improvement: Updated labels for Global Palette colors.
- Improvement: Global Color Palette preview time optimized.
- Improvement: Footer - Copyright text color compatibility with Global Color Palette.
- Improvement: Added tooltip for palette inside colorpicker control.
- Fix: Color Palette options appearing outside control container.

- New: Introduced Global Color Palette Feature. (https://wpastra.com/docs/astra-global-color-palette-settings/)
- New: Introduced Typography Presets Feature. (https://wpastra.com/docs/astra-typography-presets/)
- New: Introduced Button Presets Feature. (https://wpastra.com/docs/astra-button-styles-presets/)
- New: Added Heading Typography options for H4-H6 also.
- New: Content background color option.
- Fix: Heading color option not working for Sidebar, Footer widget title.
- Fix: Heading color option not working for the Archive page title.
- Fix: Live preview for content background option not working.
- Fix: Content background image not working for related posts section.

- Improvement: In the font size option, users cannot set the value '0'.
- Improvement: Introduced filter to exclude anchor links from text-decoration style. ( https://wpastra.com/docs/remove-underlined-content-links/ )
- Improvement: Clear asset cache of theme and addon on every new update of the theme.
- Improvement: Moved addon related Toggle for Desktop frontend-pro.js file from theme to the addon.
- Improvement: Moved the 'Site Icon' control to a separate section, 'Site Identity'.
- Fix: Auto-scroll not working on clicking Footer Builder in the customizer preview.
- Fix: WooCommerce - Cart icon not appearing correctly on Tablet & Mobile devices.
- Fix: Dropdown target as a link not working if the menu item has a link.
- Fix: WooCommerce - Cart count is overlapping on submenu section.
- Fix: The submenu toggle is not working when 'Flyout Menu' is used, and the page is resized.
- Fix: Customizer color group control's reset position misaligned.
- Fix: Desktop logo width is applying on the mobile devices during page load.
- Fix: Social icon does not change in the customizer preview.
- Fix: Gutenberg Editor content area showing white background color when Full-Width Contained / Stretched layout is active.
- Deprecated: Builder - Account Element - Deprecated transparent header's responsive options for menu colors.

Added WPML translation support for all customizer’s strings through wpml-config.xml file.
Elementor Pro’s Header-Footer theme builder layouts does not override theme’s Header-Footer builder layouts.
Bulk action selection not working on any WordPress list table when theme’s “Get Started” notice is active.
Header Footer Widgets: Off-canvas content is displaying over Legacy widget’s preview in the customizer for WordPress 5.8.
Header Footer Widgets – Deprecated design specific options for better compatibility with WordPress 5.8. ( https://wpastra.com/docs/enable-astra-widget-design-options/ )

- Improvement: Rendered Addon dependent toggle code conditionally and removed unwanted code.
- Improvement: Changed the screen reader text tag from 'h2' to 'span' for better SEO.
- Fix: Changing Off-canvas flyout close button color not reflecting on frontend.
- Fix: Broken layout WooCommerce Shop/Archive page on mobile view when using elementor template or Product archive widget.
- Fix: Next and Previous pagination button is not aligned with page numbers for mobile view.
- Fix: Added dynamic breakpoint support for the responsive view of the sidebar and main content.
- Fix: Heading color h1-h6 of customizer not working in the Gutenberg editor.
- Fix: Global headings font family not working in the Gutenberg editor.
- Fix: Footer Builder - Widgets - Right margin space not working. ( https://wpastra.com/docs/fix-footer-widget-right-margin/ )
- Fix: Search icon color is not applying to the Standard and Transparent Header Search Box style.
- Fix: Removed the spacing applied for the menu items in the customizer section.
- Fix: Builder - WooCommerce & EDD cart - Cart and Checkout buttons not visible when multiple products added to cart flyout.
- Fix: Builder - Social Icons - Tiktok icon not appearing in customizer and on frontend.
- Fix: 'Disable Footer' option is missing in Page meta settings for new Header Footer builder.
- Fix: Removed 'Disable Footer Widgets' option in Page meta settings for new Header Footer builder.
- Fix: Sidebar block editor width changes on the widgets page.
- Fix: Off-canvas menu closes on scrolling on mobile devices.
- Fix: Customizer builder section not scrollable when multiple elements dropped in builder area.
- Fix: Theme's default margin space of OL tag apply to Elementor's TOC widget. ( https://wpastra.com/docs/remove-spacing-elementor-toc/ )
- Fix: Menu dropdown icons showing at incorrect position in RTL languages.
- Fix: “Search” string in Search Form is not translatable.
- Fix: Transparent header showing border even if it is not set from customizer in FireFox browser.

Astra WordPress Theme Features

  • No jQuery
    Astra uses Vanilla JavaScript that prevents render blocking jQuery to come in the way and affect performance.
  • Load in just half seconds!
    Astra is built for speed and fully optimized for performance. Being the most lightweight theme, it loads in less than 0.5 seconds!
  • Less than 50 KB
    Astra requires less than 50KB of resources as compared to 100s required by the other WordPress themes.
  • Optimized code
    Astra uses default WordPress data and follows the best coding standards to make sure that every piece of code is optimized.
  • Responsive Font Size
    Astra allows you to control your typography size according to the device it will be viewed on. You can select different font sizes for different devices.
  • Font Size PX, EM
    Wish to use your favorite unit to determine the font size? Astra lets you set them in PX or EM. Choose the one you are familiar with.
  • Custom Fonts
    Wish to use a custom font on your website? With the free Custom Fonts plugin, you can import and use any custom font you like.
  • Paragraph Margin Option
    Astra gives you an option to manage the spacing between paragraphs and around them using the paragraph margin option.
  • Layouts
    Use layouts to manage the layout of the website container such as the headers, blogs, single pages, posts, etc.
  • Transparent Header
    Use the transparent header that sets a transparent header background and pulls the page up, merging both of them.
  • Header and Footer Options
    Astra comes with several inbuilt header and footer options that can be extended further with the Astra Pro addon.
  • Dedicated Sidebar
    With Astra, you can create page specific sidebars that can override the settings and customizations of the default sidebar on your website.
  • WooCommerce Ready
    Astra is completely WooCommerce ready and helps you build and design your store through the customizer itself. You can build a fast and attractive store today!
  • Default Container
    Astra gives you a default container, called the primary container with its own specific layout and settings within the customizer itself.
  • Google Fonts
    Astra lets you select from as many as 700+ Google fonts to make sure you get the best typography for your website.
  • Text Transform
    Astra supports text transforms for your heading tags. You can select a uniform text format for a particular heading tag.

Download Astra WordPress Theme

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