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Unlimited Elements for Elementor Premium 1.4.92 Nulled Plugin

FREE Download Unlimited Elements for Elementor Nulled Plugin all addons are totally unique, crafted individually to fit your Elementor Page Builder website. A toolkit of essential widgets and features that will supercharge your workflow. Unlimited Elements for Elementor the biggest Addon bundle for Elementor Page Builder with +700 addons.

Unlimited Elements for Elementor Premium Plugin Changelog

-bug fix: fixed similar post content in post list
-change: saparated remote and sync options in connected widgets settings

- bug fix: fixed the wrong post intro in editor mode

* Addition: added black friday banner discount banner and link
* Change: improved "sync widgets" editor experience
* Fix: fixed depricated "post" attribute bug
* Fix: modified zip extracting error messages

-Feature: done the functionality for sync widgets
-Feature: done the functionality remote widgets
-Fix:  fixed error message on remote widgets
-Fix:  fixed css in post content in editor
-Fix:  use better strip tags for post intro

-Fix: fixed gutenberg support in widgets
-Fix: fixed all the pagination issues in archive page

-bug fix: fixed some load more last issues
-feature: added code for taxonomy terms filter
-feature: added code for checkbox filter

-Feature: improved current query debug - full type
-Feature: added dropdown responsive placeholders
-Feature: added radio boolean attribute responsive controls
-Fix: fixed controls tabs functionality
-Fix: fixed load more custom image bug
-Fix: fixed double load more in a page mishmash bug
-Fix: fixed all load more issues

-bug fix: small bug fix - headers sent bug

-Feature: added taxonomy terms full query debug option
-Feature: improved full debug type in posts query
-Feature: added items support in editor->background switcher
-Feature: added support for remote controls
-Feature: functionality to posts load more
-Feature: added second condition
-Feature: added tabs functionality to attributes
-Addition: added %,px to slider units
-Fix: fixed avoid duplicates related bug
-Fix: fixed conflicting wordpress codemirror script
-Fix: fixed post selection values init from editor
-Fix: fixed pagination on front page
-Fix: fixed some polylang related bugs

-Fix: fixed styles mishmash inside elementor editor navigator
-Fix: fixed dissapearing carousels after refresh bug
-Fix: fixed dynamic grid pagination not changed

-Feature: added troubleshooting setting - show php error message
-Feature: added px, vh, % options for slider attribute
-Feature: added dynamic group attributes for galleries, including image and video
-Feature: added option to convert one date string to another with ucdate filter
-Feature: added option to use items in background widgets
-Feature: added ucfunc("set") and ucfunc("get") functions in twig for remember and retrieve variables
-Feature: added include by option: "children of current term" to category selection options
-Feature: added option to pull woo product variations in twig
-Feature: added placeholder: link_withprefix, link_noprefix for link attribute
-Fix: fixed error when exists dynamic link in dynamic loop widgets
-Fix: enabled pagination in a single type in dynamic template grid
-Fix: the "not equal" attributes condition now works
-Fix: fixed not editable empty dropdown attribute in widget editor
-Fix: fixed mb_string absence php bug
-Fix: fixed heading attribute label
-Fix: fixed responsive elementor controls in widget items

Feature: added json select (lottie) for image attribute type
Feature: made option for ajax in widgets with post list attribute
Feature: made the ajax pagination work with pagination widget
Feature: added dynamic options for number and slider attribute types
Feature: added new owl carousel sources in assets chooser
Feature: added heading attribute
Change: added more types of debug for pagination widget
Change: changed widget icons chooser for elementor icon instead of font awesome icon
Fix: fixed import with template button dissapear in the new bar
Fix: fixed widgets icons

Feature: added option to change items section label
Feature: added js snippet with code that works in elementor popup
Feature: added option to add {current_user_id} keyword in post meta query
Feature: added option for block label inside each attribute
Feature: added heading text option for items section
Feature: added extra fields to image base gallery options
Feature: added php filter option for variable
Feature: added twig functions “get_post_term” and “is_post_has_term”. The examples visible when you click on item.posts.putPostTerm placeholder
Fix: fixed some test widgets output relate bugs
Fix: conditions settings was not affected typography controls
Fix: fixed template dynamic background image didn’t displayed bug in dynamic loops
Change: added some instructions for api connectivity test in general settings – troubleshooting

Fix: fixed scripts output in preview widget page

Change: added birthday sale promotions
Feature: added woo commerce products to dynamic loop items source

Unlimited Elements for Elementor Premium PluginFeatures

  • 700+ unique addons with infinite possibilities
  • One click import layout from Elementor Page Builder page
  • Import only the addons you want to use
  • Lifetime Updates
  • 24/7 Support on hand to assist you
  • Well Documented
  • Our addon library is growing each day and you will get all our updates
  • Ability to customize the HTML and CSS of the addons easily
  • Simple Sliders (20)
  • Buttons (11)
  • Content Accordions (23)
  • Timer Countdowns (23)
  • Content Tabs (22)
  • Food Menus (24)
  • Social Network Icons (21)
  • Product Boxes (26)
  • Google Charts (7)
  • Video Teaser Popups (20)
  • Banners (24)
  • Pricing Tables (21)
  • Content Tabs (22)
  • Testimonials & Reviews (23)
  • Carousels (21)
  • Content Boxes (43)
  • Team Members (26)
  • Website Headers (20)
  • iHover Effects (20)
  • Icon Hover Effects (9)
  • Link Hover Effects (21)
  • Widgets (10)
  • Flip Boxes (15)
  • Video Galleries (7)
  • Opening Hours (15)
  • Mp3 Audio Players (15)
  • Statistic Counters (23)
  • Bullet Lists (25)
  • Footers (20)

Download Unlimited Elements for Elementor Premium Plugin

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