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Download Amelia 4.3.1 – Enterprise Level Appointment Booking WordPress

FREE Download Amelia Plugin Nulled is a next generation Appointment Booking built with the newest technology by an award-winning team. Amelia Plugin is your automated booking specialist, working 24/7 to make sure your customers can make appointments even while you sleep.

Amelia WordPress Plugin Changelog

Minor update with several improvements and bug fixes:
Improvement: Added price info in the Export appointments option
Improvement: Added option for admin to be able to make an appointment at any time (outside of the employee’s working hours)
Improvement: Added minutes to the scheduled custom notifications
Improvement: Added option to translate locations’ names to other languages
BugFix: Fixed issue with custom scheduled notifications for events that are sent to the employees
BugFix: Fixed issue with missing WebHook when the appointment is canceled from the admin panel
BugFix: Fixed issue with not changing the appointment date on the Finance page once it is rescheduled
BugFix: Fixed issue with hidden location showing in the location filter on the Events frontend booking
BugFix: Fixed issue with custom notifications when grouping events
BugFix: Fixed issue with using the old customer panel shortcode [ameliacustomerpanel]
Other small bug fixes and stability improvements

Major update with several features, integrations, bug fixes, and stability improvements:
Feature: Integration with Facebook Pixels for easier analysis and marketing purposes 
Feature: Integration with Google Analytics for tracking customers’ booking
Feature: Event-calendar booking form added to the Customize page
Feature: Option to edit custom currency so now users can add any currency they need
Feature: Added a translation option for location description
Improvement: Managing Packages on the back-end – added options for managing booked packages on the admin’s back-end with options for admin and customer to cancel the entire package (Canceled Package notification added for this purpose)
Improvement: Forgot Password option added for logging into Employee Panel
Improvement: Global Customize Settings implemented for customizing all booking forms and panels
Improvement: Added option to hide Profile tab from Employee Panel while creating a shortcode
Improvement: Implemented a solution for uploading fonts, so now there is no need to work with predefined fonts, and you can use their own desired fonts
Improvement: Additional options for Buddy Boss integration – Event Booking forms and separated options for adding Employee and Customer panels
Improvement: The modals can no longer be closed on click beside the modal, but only by clicking on the cross at the top right corner 
Improvement: Phone keyboard available on mobiles in the phone field
Added new Spanish translation
Added new Polish translation
BugFix: Fixed issue with updating the Revenue on the Dashboard page when status on the Finance page is changed
BugFix: Fixed issue with removing extras for appointments on the back-end
BugFix: Fixed issue with changing the status for group appointments
BugFix: Fixed issue with booking packages when minimum and maximum capacity is zero
BugFix: Fixed issue with appointment time in ICS files when multiple extras with duration are added to the appointment
BugFix: Fixed issue with creating Appointments on the Dashboard page
BugFix: Fixed issue with sending SMS to additional phone numbers
BugFix: Fixed issue with sending Zoom links in scheduled custom notifications
BugFix: Fixed issue with coupon and maximum allowed usage
Other small bug fixes and stability improvements

Major update with several features, integrations, bug fixes, and stability improvements:
Integration with Lesson Space for making online classrooms
Integration with Buddy Boss for adding the booking functionality and panels for managing appointments into the employees’ and customers’ profiles
Feature: Added text styling options for descriptions (Services, Events, Packages, Extras, and WooCommerce) so now you can style descriptions easily
Feature: New option regarding deposit payments so now admin can enable full and deposit payments together so the customer can choose what to pay during the booking
Feature: Added Location filter on the Events List Booking form
Improvement: New look for the payment options on the Booking forms
Improvement: Supported HTML in Email notifications
Improvement: Closed Events can now be opened so attendees can get info about the closed event
BugFix: Fixed issue with booking appointments from the package in the Customers panel
BugFix: Fixed issue with adding events in the time slots that were previously booked in Outlook Calendars
BugFix: Fixed issue with sorting packages
BugFix: Fixed issue with weekly recurring option
Added new Spanish translation
Other small bug fixes and stability improvements

Feature: Custom Notifications – option to create custom notifications that will be sent for certain statuses or as reminders, and option to choose to which services and events those notifications will be sent.
Feature: Integration with Divi Builder
Feature: Added option in the Notifications Settings to set additional numbers on which all SMS messages will be sent
Improvement: Implemented option to translate Description for WooCommerce payment
Improvement: Implemented option to choose if a single event on a page would be open right away
Improvement: Optimized Services page on back-end for large number of services
Added google_meet_url placeholder
Added Location filter to the Events List booking form
BugFix: Fixed conflicts with SEO plugins
BugFix: Fixed conflict with Guzzle HTTP Library
BugFix: FIxed issue with scrolling (Divi and other themes)
BugFix: Fixed issue with package capacity when one customer books multiple packages with same services
BugFix: Fixed issue with empty label settings and extras during the booking process
BugFix: Fixed issue with searching attendees in the Events
BugFix: Fixed issue with sorting services and packages
BugFix: Fixed issue with “Load Entities on page load” option and custom fields
BugFix: Fixed issue with additional number of persons option when more employees with different max capacity are assigned to one service
Other small bug fixes and stability improvements

A minor update with a couple of bug fixes and new translations:
Added new Dutch translation
Added new Spanish translation
Added new German translation
Fixed RTL issues
Fixed issue with Catalog shortcode when there is preselected Service or Package
Fixed issue when one employee has multiple locations
Other small bug fixes and stability improvements

Amelia WordPress Plugin Features

  • Search like booking interface
  • Support for Multiple Services and Categories
  • Step By Step Booking Wizard
  • OnSite Payments Support
  • PayPal Payments Support
  • Stripe Payments Support
  • Catalog view for categories and services
  • Informative back-end dashboard
  • Interactive Calendar for Scheduling
  • Support for Multiple Employees
  • Support for Appointment Extras
  • Support for Multiple Business Locations

Download Amelia WordPress Plugin

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