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JetEngine 2.10.3 + External Modules – Elementor Plugin

FREE Download JetEngine Plugin Nulled for Elementor Adding & Editing Dynamic Content with Elementor is a must have plugin for Elementor allowing to create custom post types, custom taxonomy, add Elementor built templates for the custom post type or taxonomy terms. JetEngine Plugin for Elementor It provides the set of dynamic listing widgets for displaying dynamic content and allows to build grid and listing layouts for the custom posts and terms using the most complex query methods. Use all dynamic widgets to make your content engaging and interactive.

JetEngine Wordpress Plugin Changelog

* ADD: better compatibility a query builder listing with taxonomy filters;
* ADD: compatibility with Elementor 3.5;
* ADD: compatibility the Map Listings with JetPopup;
* ADD: Rest API listing settings in Blocks editor;
* ADD: verify nonce in the Form;
* FIX: condition meta field by glossary field;
* FIX: prevent php error if a store name has quotes;
* FIX: prevent php error if a store name or slug has slashes;
* FIX: `update_user` notification in the Form;
* FIX: better data escaping before output in the listing grid;
* FIX: Repeater listing inside WC_Product_Query listing.

* ADD: Title Field option for the Repeater Meta Field;
* ADD: an ability to copy repeater item in meta boxes;
* ADD: an ability to collapse repeater items in meta boxes on page load;
* ADD: Author ID parameter to WC_Product_Query;
* ADD: warning tooltip on removing repeater item in meta boxes;
* ADD: base macros class to more refined custom macros registration - https://gist.github.com/MjHead/d1715c7e14547d2d9994a8d8b8913d0e
* FIX: WC_Product_Query id in Data Stores;
* FIX: %current_terms% and %queried_term% macros in WC_Products_Query Tax Query;
* FIX: select2 styles in interface builder module;
* FIX: prevent js error in Elementor Editor;
* FIX: print inner templates styles in listing item on ajax;
* FIX: hierarchy relations.

* ADD: support Save as array checkbox fields for terms meta;
* ADD: Post Has Terms condition in the Dynamic Visibility module;
* ADD: updating the user display_name property on update user action;
* ADD: an ability to use shortcodes in email notifications content;
* ADD: an ability to use multiple post types in the Calendar Listing;
* FIX: applying Is checked setting from glossary option;
* FIX: init Data Store Button script;
* FIX: Images gallery slider callback in Blocks Editor;
* FIX: JetSmartFilters Indexer compatibility lazy load with Use as Archive Template;
* FIX: process meta box conditions for non-hiearachical terms.

* ADD: New admin conditions for meta boxes;
* ADD: Admin filters for CPT;
* ADD: Quick Edit support for CPT and CCT;
* ADD: Dynamic data funcitonality for blocks editor;
* UPD: compatibility between JetReviews and WC_Product_Query;
* UPD: notice if custom format don't have %s or %1$s in the Dynamic Field;
* FIX: better custom query check for Listing Grid widget;
* FIX: calendar widget with nested listings;
* FIX: ensure indexer correctly works with CCT and filters with multiple keys;
* FIX: better Query Builder and JetSmartFilters compatibility;
* FIX: custom query check for Listing Grid widget;
* FIX: avoid CCTs REST API Create endpoints from updating existing items if `_ID` is presented in the request.

* FIX: gallery dynamic tag if value is empty;
* FIX: export CCT items to CSV for available users;
* FIX: prevent js error on init captcha in popup if popup don't have form;
* FIX: calendar widget with nested listings;
* FIX: additional output validation in the Dynamic Field;
* FIX: ensure select, radio and checkboxes fields are processed correctly when registered programmatically;
* FIX: pin view if using global colors in the Map Listing;
* FIX: inline svg icon color in the Map Listing;
* FIX: prevent remove term metadata on quick edit term;
* UPD: compatibility with upcoming JetSmartFilters indexer update;
* UPD: better compatibility glossaries with filters;
* ADD: an ability to use Query Count dynamic tag in the Dynamic Visibility;
* ADD: Icon Size control for the Data Store Button widget;
* ADD: compatibility with SEOPress plugin.

* FIX: meta condition with glossary;
* FIX: PHP error in Map Listing if Elementor deactivated;
* FIX: better compatibility with the Hello theme;
* FIX: prevent PHP errors on Elementor data update;
* FIX: init listing slider in Blocks editor;
* FIX: open map marker popup by click on the CCT listing item;
* FIX: Crocoblock/suggestions#3852;
* FIX: current-id macros for WC_Product_Query;
* ADD: Center Mode setting in the Listing Grid Slider;
* ADD: hooks for adding custom arrow icon in the Listing Grid slider;
* ADD: allow to export/import queries and glossaries.

* ADD: `Tax Query` to `WC_Product_Query`;
* FIX: preview scripts loading for the Listing grid widget.

* ADD: WC_Product_Query meta value sorting;
* ADD: Data Store Button block and widget;
* ADD: Allow to enqueue JetEngine CSS in footer only when JetEngine widgets are used on the page. Controls by `jet-engine/listings/styles-in-footer` hook;
* UPD: Allow to select context for the dynamic values in visibility conditions;
* UPD: Install external modules from api.crocoblock.com instead of account.crocoblock.com;
* FIX: Better PHP 8 compatibility;
* FIX: enqueue JetEngine frontend JS only when listing grid widget used to improve performance;
* FIX: Better form data sanitization and validation.

* ADD: Import glossaries from the file;
* ADD: Calculated Columns and Grouping Results for SQL Queries;
* ADD: Advanced mode for the SQL queries to write Query manually;
* ADD: `Current user meta` macros;
* ADD: Query Results for Dynamic Functions;
* ADD: External Modules;
* ADD: Dynamic Tables Module;
* ADD: Dynamic Charts Module;
* ADD: Post Expiration Period Module;
* ADD: Attachment file link by ID Module;
* ADD: Custom visibility conditions Module;
* ADD: Trim string callback Module;
* FIX: various fixes and improvements.

FIX: compatibility with Elementor 3.4;
FIX: accessibility in the Listing Grid Slider;
FIX: compatibility a Custom Query Listing with filters on reload.

JetEngine Wordpress Plugin Features

  • Perfect For Adding Custom Post Types
  • Best Match For Creating Custom Taxonomies
  • Allows Creating Custom Post Templates
  • Makes Working With Terms Templates Easy
  • Dynamic Terms
  • Dynamic Related Posts Query
  • Listing And Grid Layouts
  • Calendar Widget
  • Versatile Meta Field Types
  • Dynamic Field
  • Dynamic Image
  • Dynamic Link
  • Dynamic Meta
  • Dynamic Repeater

Download JetEngine Wordpress Plugin

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