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WP Staging Pro 4.1.5 Nulled – Site Cloning For WordPress Plugin

FREE Download WP Staging Pro Plugin Nulled is a pushes all your modified data and files from staging site to live site in a very comfortable and easy way. WP Staging Pro Plugin You can copy the staging site to a sub folder of your main site or to a complete custom path. It stays entirely on your server and none of your data will be transfered to any third parties. Backup & transfer an entire WordPress website to another server by using state of the art, advanced technology.

WP Staging Pro WordPress Plugin Changelog

* New: Add support for WordPress 5.8.3
* New: Add filter for excluding files during cloning / backup #1494
* New: Add filter for overwriting max execution for database backup restore #1512
* New: Add filter to allow overwriting of the maximum allowed request time to make sure backup restore works for huge files. (19.000.000M database rows) #1510
* Fix: If cloning a multisite subsite into external database, it does not clone / backup wp_users and wp_usermeta #1515
* Fix: Skip tmp single file plugin during backup PUSH copy process #1491
* Fix: Preserve table selection during PUSH and UPDATE even when all backup tables unselected #1488
* Fix: Make sure maximum memory consumption during cloning or backup is never higher than 256MB #1502
* Fix: Use custom implementation of wp_timezone() for backward compatibility to WordPress older than 5.3 #1505
* Fix: Override FileObject::fgets to make them behave exactly from SplFileObject of PHP < 8.0.1 #1506
* Tweak: Show custom uploads folder in tooltip description and explain better that changing a symlink image will also change the image on the production site. #1495

* Hotfix: Fix CLONE PUSH BACKUP on Medium and High CPU Load on WP STAGING PRO 4.1.3. Improve Performance of database backup #1492

* New: If cpu load setting is low make use of the file copy limit for pushing process to increase copy speed #1485
* Enh: Add warning notice if WP_CRON_DISABLED is set to true as BG Processing depends upon it #1467
* Fix: Make FileObject::seek behave exactly as SplFileObject::seek from PHP < 8.0 #1480
* Fix: Search Replace now works for Visual Composer / WP Bakery encoded pages #1442
* Fix: Adjust CSS of the "Backup in Progress" element #1466
* Fix: Clarify email sending tooltip description #1469
* Fix: Adjust CSS of the loader icon #1487
* Dev: Cancel pending or running github actions fast tests if there is a new push on the same PR #1486

* New: Create fully customizable scheduled backup plans that will constantly create backups of your site. Including backup rotation to manage disk space. #1219 #1461
* Fix: Add own implementation of get_current_network_id() for backward compatibility #1438
* Fix: Updating or resetting staging / backup site skips all WordPress core folders #1435
* Fix: Prevent 504 Gateway Timeout issue during Backup restore by force a low CPU LOAD (i.e. 10s) #1420
* Fix: Wrong directory path is displayed when update/reset a staging / backup site #1447
* Fix: Override SplFileObject::seek to make it consistent across all PHP version including PHP 8 #1444
* Tweak: Retain WP STAGING ( backup ) options during push #1417
* Tweak: Make PHP 5.6 minimum supported PHP version #1448
* Tweak: Set WordPress 4.4 as minimum required WordPress version #1449
* Dev: Fix Queue working in PHP 8 and Add PHP 8 unit tests in fast tests #1450

* Fix: Update notice is shown even when using latest version #1398
* Fix: Backup & cloning 100% compatible with PHP 8.0.12 #1281
* Fix: Skip search replace on backup & cloning query if it's size exceed preg functions limit #1404
* Fix: Skip inserting backup & cloning query if it exceeds mysql max_allowed_package. Show warning to user #1405
* Fix: Make db option wpstg_staging_sites always return an array #1413
* Fix: Fix dependency injection for backup notices class. Solve conflict with TranslatePress #1416
* Tweak: Use php version number as tag for php docker container #1407
* Tweak: Improve symlink tooltip text #1411
* Tweak: Refactor WP STAGING Pro to WP STAGING | PRO in notices #1409
* Tweak: Remove 16 characters limitation for the backup & CLONE NAME and keep it for CLONE DIRECTORY #1412

* New: Show a summary of selected tables and plugins in the push selection
* Fix: WP Staging's variable not declared on plugins page #1373
* Fix: Fix PUSH process when no table is selected #1387
* Fix: Enclose table name with backticks during quering in CLONE and PUSH jobs #1388

* New: Ask user to allow sending non-personalized usage information for improving the user experience
* Fix: Feedback modal not opened after disabling a plugin #1373
* Fix: Prevent cloning error by enclosing table name with backticks in CLONE and PUSH jobs #1388
* Tweak: Disable the notice about not messing with uploads or wp-content directories #1385

* Fix: Push from staging site in the external database can fail if there are many tables to replace due to exceeding the maximum allowed number of external database connections #1379
* Enh: Added buttons to ease the process of selecting tables during the PUSH process. #1377

4.0.7 Release October 12th 2021
* Tweak: Make staging site upgrade routine run always #1358
* Fix: Fix issue about checking rest url #1354
* Fix: Fix exclude condition for tables during PUSH #1364

* New: You can create a staging environment for your entire multisite network #1263
* New: Better support for custom tables without a wp core table prefix. Allow cloning/backup of tables that do not begin with a WP table prefix to an external database #1304
* New: Add new logic for showing update notification for PRO version, compatible for staged rollout releases #1308
* New: Show warning notice about not changing wp-content or uploads dir path on staging site #1313
* Tweak: Lower memory consumption on backup creation #1301
* Tweak: Fix open staging site button and text #1321
* Tweak: Layout of database comparison modal #1332
* Tweak: Simplify last step of the push and make it faster and more robust #1351
* Fix: Duplicate primary key error that could occur on Push #1322
* Fix: Dont rename themes/plugins with tmp prefix during push if content cleaning option is enabled #1305
* Fix: No search & replace of wp option db_version if table prefix is db_, during CLONE/PUSH #1307
* Fix: Avoid upgrade error if wp option wpstg_staging_sites is empty or not an array not an array #1331
* Fix: Show an error if table can not be copied for any reason on cloning / backup process #1302
* Fix: Vertical center align finish label after push #1311
* Fix: Use WordPress local timezone when logging for clone and backups #1323
* Fix: Better support for custom plugin directories on the staging site #1314
* Fix: Not all cloning/backup settings are cleaned during uninstall #1325
* Fix: Staging/backup site does not have orange admin bar after cloning #1329
* Fix: Warning if array key offset does not exist on search & replace #1334
* Fix: Disable WordFence plugin on the staging site to prevent by renaming .user.ini to .user.ini.bak #1338
* Fix: Prevent empty database prefix in staging site options if site is cloned to external database #1340
* Fix: List of staging sites contains duplicate entries if staging sites were initially created with wp staging free 2.8.6, then upgraded to pro 4.0.3 and pro 4.0.5 #1349
* Fix: Show error and stop cloning / backup process if unable to create staging / backup site destination folder #1348

Fix: New pro version does not recognize staging sites created with older free version #1293

* Enh: Refactor the wp_login action hook to work with different parameter count than the one in WordPress Core #1223
* Enh: Sort new staging sites in descending order by creation time #1226
* Enh: Warn if creating a backup in PHP 32 bit version #1231
* Enh: Update the backup upload success message #1221
* Enh: Show a notice if there is a new WP STAGING free version #1250
* Enh: Rename db option wpstg_existing_clones_beta to wpstg_staging_sites #1211
* Enh: Update the warning message shown when the delete process of the staging site fails #1257
* Enh: Allow use of REST API on staging sites without login #1287
* Enh: Add new EDD software licensing updater #1294
* Fix: Fix a rare issue that could happen when creating a new staging site or restoring a backup when there is a row with primary key with value zero #1271
* Fix: Try to repair MyISAM table if it's corrupt when creating a Backup #1222
* Fix: Fix an issue on backup creation that would cause a database export to loop when encountering a table with negative integers or zeros as a primary key value #1251
* Fix: Lock specific tables while exporting a backup, to prevent a rare duplicated row issue #1245
* Fix: If the memory exhausts during a database export using the Backup feature, lower the memory usage/speed of the export and try again automatically #1230
* Fix: Prevent failure of adding database to backup from causing a loop #1231
* Fix: Fix issue when old clones from version 1.1.6 or lower replaces the existing clones from later version when upgrading from FREE to PRO version #1233
* Fix: Fix inconsistent Unselect All Tables button's action #1243
* Fix: Replace undefined date with proper formatted date during backups for some warning and critical messages #1244
* Fix: Split file scanning of wp-content into scanning of plugins, themes, uploads and other directories to reduce timeout issues #1247
* Fix: Rename .user.ini to .user.ini.bak after cloning to reduce fatal errors on staging site. Also show a notice. #1255
* Fix: Skip scanning the root directory if all other directories are unselected #1256
* Fix: Show correct insufficient space message instead of permission error if unable to copy due to insufficient space #1283
* Fix: Fix showing of error when unable to count tables rows and wrap table name when fetching rows during backup #1285
* Fix: Remove custom error handler that could cause errors due to notices being thrown #1292
* Fix: Fix an error that would occur when PHP lacked permission to get the size of a directory when pushing a staging site to production #1295
* Dev: Set the version of Selenium containers to 3.141.59-20210713 to avoid issues with broken latest version of selenium #1234

* New: Support for WordPress 5.8
* New: Show notice if uploads dir is outside WP Root #1138
* Enh: Show warning during restore if Backup was created on a server with PHP ini "short_open_tags", and restoring on a server with it disabled #1129
* Enh: Also show disabled permalink message in disabled items notice on the staging site and show a page builder (DIVI, Elementor etc) not working help link in wpstg page footer #1150
* Enh: Allow filtering the Backup directory using the `wpstg.backup.directory` filter #1167
* Enh: Decouple clone name and clone ID for better usage #1158
* Enh: Allow backups on the staging site #1172
* Enh: Show issue notice if backups is created on version >= 4.0.2 #1198
* Enh: Remove deprecated hooks call #1209
* Fix: Fix staging site when site has freemius script #1112
* Fix: Prefix 'wpstg' to sweetalerts Swal to avoid conflict with its other versions #1125
* Fix: Fix a bug in the backup export logic that would loop when encountering a file with non-empty contents that PHP would evaluate as false #1126
* Fix: Set default values for wpstg settings on plugin activate event if wpstg settings not already set #1135
* Fix: Fix the problem when unable to access the staging site because production site have different siteurl or home url and either one of them is having www. prefix #1136
* Fix: Restore a backup with VIEWs or TABLEs with special MySQL configurations such as DEFINER #1139
* Fix: Fix issue where tab triangle was inconsistent by using css based tab triangle #1148
* Fix: Fix issue where backup tmp folder cleaning process closes logs modal #1157
* Fix: Reduce time to query INFORMATION_SCHEMA on some shared hosts from ~10s to one millisecond #1154
* Fix: Fix a bug on backup creation that would not prefix the table name if a MySQL View is selecting data from another MySQL View #1155
* Fix: Fix a bug on backup restore that would fail when trying to create a MySQL View that selects data from another MySQL View that has not been created yet due to order of creation #1155
* Fix: Check available free disk space on large disks on 32-bit PHP #1179
* Fix: Fix a bug where a PHP memory_limit of -1 (Unlimited) would be interpreted as 64MB, now it's interpreted as 512MB #1178
* Fix: Fix download of .wpstg files on Bitnami/AWS Lightsail servers #1181
* Fix: Remove usages of `abstract static` methods that would violate `strict` PHP checks #1185
* Fix: Cloning a site resets the settings to the default ones #1183
* Fix: Fix a bug on backup creation that would prevent user from logging in after restoring a backup on a site with a different WPDb prefix #1169
* Fix: Allow backup restore with a warning if file count is different than expected, improve backup file count logic #1189
* Fix: Fix Clone RESET and Clone DELETE when unable to delete file due to permission error #1196
* Fix: Fix an issue when canceling a push confirm redirects to empty page #1206
* Fix: Add missing back button and hide cancel button after clone UPDATE and clone RESET #1207
* Fix: Fix Error in JS console related to registering of main-menu in page where it was not available #1205
* Dev: Add wrapper methods for deprecated hooks functions to support WordPress < 4.6 #1209

WP Staging Pro WordPress Plugin Features

  • Copy db & files from staging to live site
  • Exclude specific db tables & folders
  • Very fast cloning process
  • New: Full Site Backup: Backup, download & restore the entire website
  • New: Transfer & Migrate: Move entire website to another server and even another domain
  • User roles authentication
  • Even huge websites are supported
  • Very simple to use
  • Clone WordPress multisites
  • Clone to an external or separate database
  • Clone to a subdomain/custom domain
  • Clone to a custom destination directory
  • Push the entire staging site to the production site incl. themes, plugins & database
  • Allow custom access to the staging site through user roles.

Download WP Staging Pro WordPress Plugin

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