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Download wpDataTables 3.7.1 – Tables and Charts Manager for WordPress

FREE Download wpDataTables Plugin Nulled is a powerful responsive Tables, Spreadsheets and mighty data manager in a form of a WordPress plugin. It helps you to create dynamic responsive tables, charts in your WordPress site edit and allow your front-end users to edit data in them.

wpDataTables WordPress Plugin Changelog

A minor update with bug fixes.
Bugfix: Fixed issue with showing tables from Google spreadsheet.

Major update with couple of new feature, several bug fixes and stability improvements:
Feature: Added new options for link columns in datatables (noreferrer and sponsored attributes)
Feature: Added new options for link editor in simple table (noreferrer and sponsored attributes)
Feature: Added clear button in color-picker in simple table.
Improvement: Added pagination above the table on browse page for tables and charts.
Improvement: Updating table from Google spreadsheet with standard method (no more cache issues)
Improvement: Add new pre-formatted hooks for all column types in datatables: wpdatatables_filter_date_cell_before_formatting, wpdatatables_filter_time_cell_before_formatting, wpdatatables_filter_datetime_cell_before_formatting, wpdatatables_filter_link_cell_before_formatting, wpdatatables_filter_email_cell_before_formatting, wpdatatables_filter_string_cell_before_formatting, wpdatatables_filter_int_cell_before_formatting, wpdatatables_filter_float_cell_before_formatting and wpdatatables_filter_image_cell_before_formatting.
Improvement: Add new hooks for filtering and editing definition: wpdatatables_filter_js_editing_definition, wpdatatables_filter_js_editing_definition_values, wpdatatables_filter_js_filtering_definition and wpdatatables_filter_js_filtering_definition_values
Bugfix: Fixed notice for deprecated hook in Gutenberg.
Bugfix: Fixed issue with browsing tables and charts with search term.
Bugfix: Fixed resetting CSS rule for background and text color in simple table editor.
Bugfix: Fixed double notification for time and datetime columns after inline editing
Bugfix: Fixed datepicker position for inline editing.
Bugfix: Fixed issue with new hooks in wpDataCharts.
Bugfix: Fixed issue bubble chart and follow table filtering.
Bugfix: Fixed issue with separate MySQL connection.
Bugfix: Fixed issue with datepicker on Excel like table.
Bugfix: Fixed issue with line and area chart in Chartjs engine on same page.
Other small bug fixes and stability improvements.

Major update with couple of feature, bug fixes and stability improvements:
Feature: Added new option to show/hide search field in select-box/multiselect-box filters.
Feature: Added new option to show/hide search field in Single-value select-box/Multi-value select-box in edit modal.
Feature: Added new options for the simple table: “Remove borders”, “Border collapse” and “Border spacing”.
Feature: Added new option “Page Orientation” for PDF export reports.
Feature: Added new option “Paper Size” for PDF export reports.
Improvement: Improved checking for existing PHP extension – zlib on the server.
BugFix: Fixed issue with double loading for multiselect filter.
Compatibility with WordPress 5.8.1 approved.
Other small bug fixes and stability improvements

A major update with a couple of new features, bug fixes, and stability improvements:
Feature: Exporting the chart data to CSV, XLS or HTML table formats in Highcharts.
Feature: Added Font and Font size options in simple table.
Feature: Added new option for showing HTML code in exported files like Print, Copy, CSV and Excel.
Improvement: Removed view of purchase code on Activation page.
Improvement: Updated moment.js library.
BugFix: Fixed layout of select-box field in edit modal.
BugFix: Fixed issue with vertical min value in Chartjs.
BugFix: Fixed issue with attachment field in edit modal.
BugFix: Fixed issue with rendering charts for lower versions of jQuery.
Other small bug fixes and stability improvements.

A minor update with a introducing of NEW FREE add-on, couple of bug fixes and stability improvements:
New FREE addon: “wpDataTables integration for Forminator Forms” available. A tool that adds “Forminator Form” as a new table type and allows you to create wpDataTables from Forminator Forms submissions. More on this link.
Improvement: Added new hooks wpdatatables_excel_before_frontend_edit_row, wpdatatables_filter_int_cell_data_in_charts, wpdatatables_filter_float_cell_data_in_charts and wpdatatables_filter_total_length_query.
BugFix: Fixed layout of date, datetime and timepicker for different skins.
BugFix: Fixed layout of copy to clipboard element.
BugFix: Fixed layout of edit popover in Material skin.
BugFix: Fixed issue with Number range slider filter when min and max values are the same.
BugFix: Fixed issue with translate “nothingSelected” string in select-boxes(in filters and edit modal).
BugFix: Fixed layout of date, datetime and time picker in filters in header and footer when option Scrollable is used.
BugFix: Fixed layout of table when Number range slider filter is in footer of the table and Scrollable option is used.
BugFix: Fixed issue with select-box, multi select-box and date/time picker overlapping in edit modal when HTML editor is used.
BugFix: Fixed CSS issue in simple tables on mobile devices.
BugFix: Fixed issue with changing colors in charts.
BugFix: Fixed conflict on back-end with Gravity forms tooltips if Gravity integration add-on is not installed.
BugFix: Fixed issue with rendering link column in Highcharts.
BugFix: Removed deprecated function from style_block.inc.php file.
Compatibility with WordPress 5.7.2 approved.
Other small bug fixes and stability improvements.

wpDataTables WordPress Plugin Features

  • Create & manage tables from existing sources
  • Show totals in table footer
  • Import Excel, CSV or Google Spreadsheets to editable tables
  • Show calculated values using Formula columns
  • Higlight cells & rows bases on cell values
  • Front-end or back-end data table editing
  • Automatically generate MySQL queries
  • Fully customizable design
  • Allow users to edit only their own rows
  • Create tables manually with Table Constructor
  • Large datasets work quickly
  • Visual Composer compatible

Download wpDataTables WordPress Plugin

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