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FREE Download Admin Columns Pro Plugin Nulled is our WordPress Content Management plugin puts your content in a beautiful and searchable overview – that helps you save time managing your WordPress content. Admin Columns Pro Plugin will allow you to organise, search and edit any WordPress content faster than ever before. Create insightful overviews to easily find, order, filter and update your content.

Admin Columns Pro WordPress Plugin Changelog

When creating a new column set, you can now choose to copy the settings or start with the default columns
Activation button was not always enabled when entering the license
Colspan for Quick Edit and Bulk Edit (Quick Actions) is now correct when Sticky Headers is active
Removing terms in Bulk Edit did not work correctly
It was not possible to enter negative numbers in Editing for numeric custom fields
Admin Columns Core changes ( 4.4.3 )
The Menu Order column has no restrictions anymore

* [Breaking Changes] A complete refactoring of the Editing feature. The ACF and WooCommerce integrations need to be updated.
* [Breaking Changes] Removed deprecated methods from ACP version 4.4 or older.
* [Deprecated] All Editing models have become deprecated. Editing services should be used instead.
* [Added] Placeholder column to determine where and if Polylang columns should be displayed
* [Added] New 'Has Term' column for the Post list table
* [Added] It is now possible to smart filter user related columns on the current user.
* [Added] It is now possible to do calculations with inline editing for numeric custom fields.
* [Improved] Editing can now always be toggled for the Custom Field Column and does not specifically need to be activated first.
* [Improved] New styling and interface for the admin area.
* [Fixed] Sorting for default/native column can now be disabled.
* [Fixed] A fatal error when inline editing taxonomy fields when the Post Count column was available on the page.
* [Updated] Admin Columns Core changes ( 4.4 )
* [Added] Complete restyling of the Admin interface
* [Fixed] Load a default column set when the preferred column set was restricted in the meantime
* [Fixed] Gravatar display option did not work anymore since the value sanitation
* [Fixed] Possible namespace clash in Admin class

* [Added] Added Media columns: Artist and Album
* [Improved] A more compact (horizontal) view for the Screen Options on the table screen
* [Fixed] Sticky Headers could give an error when Screen Options were removed from the screen
* [Fixed] Resetting sorting did not work correctly for column settings that were never stored
* [Updated] Admin Columns Core changes ( 4.3.2 )
* [Fixed] Column date setting gave an error when the default date format was empty

* [Added] New Post Type column for the (Custom) Post Type overviews, basically for changing the post type with Editing
* [Added] Gravity Forms integration added
* [Added] New feature to make the column headers fixed on the table screen
* [Updated] Admin Columns Core changes ( 4.3.1 )
* [Fixed] Changing the screen options on the column settings page is not persisted
* [Fixed] Fixed data formatted labels with sanitation
* [Fixed] The column value is now sanitized

* [Fixed] Fixed a possible error with export
* [Fixed] Prevent expired messages for auto renewal subscriptions

Admin Columns Pro WordPress Plugin Features

  • Advanced Custom Fields
    Admin Columns is 100% compatible with ACF and allows you to search, export and edit your custom content like never before.
  • Horizontal Scrolling
    With horizontal scrolling there is no limit to the amount of content that fits in a single table.
  • User Conditions
    Each user can have its own personalised table view. Each view can be set specific to a role or user.
  • Multisite
    Admin Columns works great on WordPress Multisite Network. And you can customize both the Network Users and Sites table.
  • Custom Fields
    Display, search, edit and export all your custom field data from posts and users from the overview. Custom Fields are fully supported.
  • Multiple Table Views
    You can have multiple views for the same table. Very usefull when you want to have a table for a specific task or user.
  • Local JSON
    Export you column settings to JSON or PHP for easy syncronization between sites.
  • Woocommerce
    Admin Columns can help you greatly improve managing your online WooCommerce shop. Updating and finding products has never been easier.

Download Admin Columns Pro WordPress Plugin

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