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Admin Menu Editor Pro 2.16.1 WordPress Plugin

FREE Download Admin Menu Editor Pro Plugin Nulled lets you manually edit the Dashboard menu. You can reorder the menus, show/hide specific items, change premissions and more.

Admin Menu Editor Pro WordPress Plugin Changelog

##### Fixed
* Fixed a conflict with "Amazon Simple Affiliate (ASA2)" that caused the "Add ASA2 Product" page to crash with an exception. This change should also fix conflicts with other plugins that create meta boxes with invalid IDs.
* Fixed a minor issue with "Happy Elementor Addons" where the "HappyAddons News & Updates" dashboard widget didn't show up in the "Dashboard Widgets" tab.
* For submenu separators and menu headings, removed the colorful left border that would appear when you hover, click, or focus on the item. Headings will still have the colored border if the "collapsible headings" option is enabled.
##### Changed
* The option "Hide the Admin Menu Editor Pro entry on the Plugins page from other users" now also hides any installed add-ons. The option has been renamed to "Hide Admin Menu Editor Pro and its add-ons from the Plugins page for other users".
* The plugin will now show an admin notice instead of crashing with an exception if meta box settings are corrupted by a site migration plugin or a similar tool.
* Switched the JSON serialization implementation from the jQuery JSON plugin to `JSON.stringify`. While this should not affect most users in any way, those that use Internet Explorer may or may not notice some changes in the handling of Unicode characters (e.g. in menu titles).

##### Added
* Added a "Redirects" feature. You can create login redirects, logout redirects, and registration redirects. You can configure redirects for specific roles and users. You can also set up a default redirect that will apply to everyone who doesn't have a specific setting.
* Added a few utility shortcodes: `[ame-wp-admin]`, `[ame-home-url]`, `[ame-user-info field="user_login"]`. These are mainly intended to be used to create dynamic redirects, but they will also work in posts and pages.
##### Fixed
* Fixed a minor conflict where several hidden menu items created by "WP Grid Builder" would unexpectedly show up when AME is active.
* Fixed a conflict with "LoftLoader Pro", "WS Form", and probably a few other plugins that create new admin menu items that link to the theme customizer. Previously, it was impossible to hide or edit those menu items.
* Partially fixed an obscure bug where numeric role capabilities like "1" or "234" would be displayed as "0" instead.
##### Changed
* Improved the appearance of settings page tabs on small screens and in narrow browser windows.

##### Fixed
* Fixed the "sort" button in the submenu toolbar sorting all submenu items in all menus, not just in the currently selected submenu.
* Fixed a conflict with "PPOM for WooCommerce by N-MEDIA" version 23.0 that could cause a fatal error when both plugins were active.
* Fixed a conflict with the "Oxygen" (page builder) where the "Role" dropdown was missing the "Administrator" role when both plugins were active.
* Fixed a warning about using the deprecated filter "allowed_block_types".
* Fixed a rare conflict where clicking on a role wouldn't do anything if another plugin or theme had rewritten all links on the page.

##### Added
* Added experimental support for three level menus. This lets you create deeply nested menus such as "Menu -> Submenu -> Nested Submenu". Due to risk of conlicts and bugs, this feature is disabled by default. To enable it, go to the "Settings" tab and set "Three level menus" to "Enabled".
##### Fixed
* Fixed a conflict with bbPress where, if you used the "Custom" setting in the "Editable roles" screen, it would be impossible to edit users who had any bbPress roles even when those roles were enabled.
* Fixed a few jQuery deprecation warnings.
* Fixed a warning about using the deprecated filter "allowed_block_types".
* Fixed an "Undefined array key" warning that could appear if another plugin created a user role that did not have a "capabilities" key.
* Fixed a minor BuddyBoss Platform compatibility issue where the menu editor would show a "BuddyBoss -> BuddyBoss" menu item that was not present in the actual admin menu. The item is created by BuddyBoss Platform, but it is apparently intended to be hidden.

Admin Menu Editor Pro WordPress Plugin Features

  • Create new menu items
  • Hide menus from roles or users
  • Organize the menu with drag and drop
  • Make menus open in a new tab or an iframe
  • Import and export menu settings
  • Hide plugins
  • Choose from over 600 menu icons
  • Change menu colors
  • Apply your branding
  • Edit the Admin Bar

Download Admin Menu Editor Pro WordPress Plugin

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