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BeLink 2.0.1 – Bio Link & URL Shortener Platform Scripts

FREE Download BeLink PHP Scripts Nulled is the highest quality and most advanced url shortener and link in bio creator available. It can be used to easily create your own public or private website in minutes without any coding knowledge. Try the demo site to see why BeLink is the best choice!

BeLink PHP Scripts Changelog

Bug Fixes
Fixed a few issues that could have occurred when upgrading from older versions to 2.0.0

New Features
Added fully featured biolink (link in bio) functionality.
Added a UTM builder for links.
It's now possible to export links and users as CSV from dashboard and admin area.
Subdomain short links ( are now supported. Can be enabled from "admin > settings > links > domains" page.
Added permissions for link alias, expiration password and utm builder. If subscriptions are enabled upgrade message will be shown if user does not have the permission.
Maximum amount of clicks after which link will expire can now be specified.
Date on which link will become active can now be specified.
App footer can now be shown in dashboard, allows changing language, dark mode and has an extra social menu.
Implemented a fully featured, token based API. It can be used to integrate Belink into existing projects, native apps and more.
Added Manage API Access Tokens section in account settings page for creating or revoking API access tokens.
Added functional API docs. They can be accessed at url, there's also a link in account settings page.
Updated filtering and search in all data tables in dashboard and admin area.
Added a number of new filters to all data tables.
Background image can now be uploaded for link overlays.
Same link alias can now be used on different domains.
Added options to specify minimum and maximum link length in settings page and increased default max link length to 1000 characters.
It's now possible to specify what custom alias can contain (letters, numbers, both, or both + dash/underscore)
User will now be warned of unsaved changes when leaving link overlay page.
Added platform based retargeting (windows, macos, android, ios etc)
Link groups now support custom domains, same as links.
Compatibility with latest Stripe API version.
Users can now delete their own account from their account settings page.
Added support for IDN domains.
Advanced features are now available in batch link creation mode.
Added a new option to expire links created from homepage after specified time.
Added a new "last click at" column for links table.
QR code and other share buttons will now be shown after creating a link without having to edit it again.
It's not possible to change "get started" and "learn more" button links in landing page editor.
Url input when creating or editing link can now expand in size so long urls are fully visible.
If custom domain attaching fails a more specific reason will now be shown.
Custom pages will now support code highlighting for more languages.
Split single and batch link creation into separate buttons for easier management.
Improved "upgrade plan" popup design in user dashboard.
A more descriptive error message will now be shown if incompatible PHP version is detected.
Bug Fixes
User will now be able to select custom domains from any workspace they are part of when creating a link.
Delete user from admin area will now correctly remove all resources attached to them.
Server IP will now be shown properly instead of site url when attaching via A record and not CNAME.
Disable free plan selection on upgrade plan page.
Fixed a few issues with favicon generation.
Usage information will now update automatically when deleting links or other resources.
Registering from pricing page will now correctly redirect user to payment page after registration.
Clicking on logo will now redirect to dashboard instead of landing page if user is logged in.
Link password field should not be prefilled anymore by browser when creating new links
Several fixes to link usage reporting when in workspace.
Adblock should no longer prevent deletion of tracking pixels from dashboard and admin area.
Fixed an issue where installation might not start properly on some hosting environments.
It's no longer possible to invite non-registered users to workspace, if registration is disabled in settings page.
When attaching links to existing group from admin area all links will now be searchable, instead of just current user links.
Default workspace editor role generated during installation will now correctly have "*.view" and *.create" permissions.
QR code for link will now work properly on custom domains.
A number of other smaller fixes.

New Features
Link groups can now act as link rotators and redirect to a random link from that group.
Added "hourly" and custom date filters to link click analytics.
Only one device can now be allowed to be logged into user account at the same time.
Failed link redirects will now show a more descriptive error message to link owner (over click quota, invalid domain etc)
Updated link overlay edit page design and added a few more options.
Notification will now be sent to user if they reach their click quota for the month.
If subscriptions are enabled and user is over their click quota or their plan does not have a specific permission, a popover when hovered over some buttons will now inform them that they can upgrade to remove that restriction.
Link group page now longer has a limit on the number of links that can be shown.
Links can now be attached to a group when creating/editing a link.
og:title, og:description and og:image tags for destination site will now be checked as well.
Added separate pages for link group analytics and links list.
Updated Laravel to latest version. BeLink now requires at least PHP 7.2.5 version to work properly.
Updated login, register, forgot password and reset password pages design.
If some server error occurs a more descriptive message will now be shown if user is logged in as admin.
All email templates will now have the same design.
Added separate address for contact page in mail settings page.
Show notification in "settings -> general" page if specified base site url and current url don't match.
Improved input focus outline design.
Google analytics integration will now use newer .json key file instead of .p12
Free plan can now be selected in pricing page and will redirect to sign up page.
Improved contrast for several widgets in dark mode.
Removed "force subscription" setting. Same functionality can now be achieved by removing all permissions from "users" and "guests" roles in admin area.
Bug Fixes
Fixed an issue where admin area charts would only show data for currently logged in user only sometimes.
Fixed an issue where device and location targeting selects would show incorrect value sometimes.
Cache method changes in settings page will now be properly validated.
Clearing cache will now work if "proc_open" function was disabled on the server.
Make sure text logo does not push login button offsreen.
Always store appearance editor custom css and js locally, regardless of storage method in settings page.
If placeholders can't be replaced in tags provided in "admin > appearance > seo" page, hide those tags when displaying the page.
A number of other smaller fixes.

BeLink PHP Scripts Features

  • Biolinks – Create link in bio pages in seconds. Manage content effortlessly using simple drag-and-drop editor. Customize backgrounds, colors, fonts, button styles and other appearance settings using visual editor.
  • Link Rotators – Put multiple links into a group and use the short link for the group to redirect user to a random link from that group.
  • URL Validation – URLs can be automatically validated against custom blacklist of domains and keywords or using Google safe browsing API and Phishtank API.
  • Editable Homepage – Default landing page can be easily edited via built-in appearance editor with live preview and no coding knowledge.
  • (Optional) SaaS mode – Earn money with built in premium subscription system. Create different plans for users to subscribe to and control what functionality and limitations each plan has. Paypal and Stripe integration is fully built-in.
  • High Performance – BeLink is lightweight and has lighting fast performance and page load time out of the box.
  • API – Fully featured rest API allows performing any action that is possible on the website via REST api. Interactive API documentation is also included.
  • Link Statistics – Link reports allow users to see many statistics about their links including date and count of clicks, countries, referrers, devices, browsers and more.
  • Biolink Widgets – Add links, images, text, youtube, soundcloud, spotify, tiktok, twitch embeds and more.
  • Workspaces/ Teams – Create multiple workspaces and invite team members to collaborate on campaigns, links, custom domains and more.
  • Link Groups – Group multiple links together to allow viewing statistics for all links in that group and see how different groups perform when compared to each other.
  • Link Sharing – Share shortened urls on facebook or twitter with a single click from user dashboard or link frame/splash pages.
  • QR Code – Generate and copy a fully functional shortened url QR code with a single click. Scanning QR code will redirect to long url.
  • Custom Domains – Users can attach custom domains and sub-domains so their short links will use their own site url. Domain different then main site url can also be set as default by admin.
  • Link Overlays – Link overlay redirect type will show a fully customizable overlay over destination website .
  • Link Custom Pages – Create fully custom html pages with built-in WYSIWYG editor that can be shown to user before redirecting them to destination url.
  • Link Splash Pages – Splash pages with information about destination url and optional ads can be shown to user before redirecting them to destination url.
  • Schedules – Links can be schedules to automatically become available and/or expire at specific date and time. Links can also be set to expire after specific amount of clicks/visits.
  • Custom Link ID – Links can have custom human-readable short IDs, instead of random generated strings.
  • Link Metadata – Each link can have metadata, including tags, title and description. This allows easier management of links as well as customization for link page SEO tags.
  • Password Protection – Links can be protected so only users with password will be redirect to destination url.
  • Tracking Pixels – Tracking pixels from various services can be attached to links to measure their performance.
  • Location and Device Targeting- Links can be redirecting to different destination url based on user device (mobile, desktop etc) or their location.
  • Multiple URL Shortening – Easily shorten multiple urls with one click.
  • Permissions and Roles – Use fully featured permission and role system to allow (or disallow) users, subscription plans or guests to peform specific action accross the site.
  • Appearance Editor – Site appearance can be easily changed without any coding knowledge via built-in editor with live preview.
  • Dark Mode – BeLink comes with pre-built light and dark themes. You can fully customize them or add new themes via appearance editor.
  • Custom Pages – Custom pages (for example terms of service, about us etc) can be created using built-in WISIWYG editor.
  • Menu Editor – All the menus accross the site can be easily edited via drag and drop without any coding knowledge.
  • Translations – BeLink is fully translation ready and can be easily translated to any language from admin area.
  • Custom Code – Custom code can be added directly from appearance editor without the need to modify any files.
  • In-Depth Documentation – BeLink comes with in depth documentation that explains everything from installation to usage of all the features.
  • SEO Editor – SEO tags for all pages can be modified directly from appearance editor in admin area.
  • Authentication – Fully featured authentication system including social login, recaptcha protection, option to completely disable registration and more.
  • Contact Page – Allow users to contact you easily with questions via built in contact us page.
  • Integrated Ads – 6 integrated ad slots. All you need to do is paste your ad codes in admin area and BeLink will display your ads in the corresponding slot on the site.
  • Modern Design – BeLink features a clean, modern, professional design based on google material design specification.
  • Settings – There are many settings that allow you to enable or disable functionality across the site, fine tune how links work, configure various date and time formats and much more.
  • Google Analytics – Google analytics are fully integrated, all you need to do is enter your tracking code.
  • Multiple Homepages – Choose between multiple homepages including default landing page, login page or your own custom html page.
  • Sourcecode – Full original sourcode is provided with each purchase along with documenation on how to make custom modifications so you can make any changes you might need.

Download BeLink PHP Scripts

Note: If you are having trouble with Download FREE BeLink PHP Scripts, try to disable adblock for the site or try another Web Browser. If disabling AD blocker or change Web Browser not help to you please contact us.



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