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BeMusic 2.5.2 – Music Streaming Engine PHP Scripts

FREE Download BeMusic PHP Script Nulled is a multi-purpose music sharing and streaming platform. It can be used to create many different types of music related sites, including sites similar to soundcloud, mixcloud, spotify and more. BeMusic is lightweight and has lighting fast performance and page load time out of the box.

BeMusic PHP Script Changelog

Comments table in admin area will now show album/track the comment is for.
Channel cache will now be cleared automatically when channel is edited or auto-updated.
It's now possible to enter spotify ID manually for artist/album/track from admin area.
Updated datatable design in admin area and added a number of new filters.
Bug Fixes
Artist table can now be sorted by number of albums.
Fixed an issue where users were not able to delete their own comments sometimes.
Corrected a few issues with album reposts.
Adding album to queue will now work properly from album channel.
Artist links will now be properly removable when editing artist from backstage.
Social logins panel in account settings page will now be hidden if all social logins are disabled in settings page.
Album page will now have correct SEO tags when sharing on facebook.
Fixed an issue where artist tabs in interface settings page were not showing sometimes.
Hide embed track tab when user does not have embed permission.
Hide "try pro" menu item if user does not have "plans.view" permission.
Don't limit queue to 15 tracks on radio page.
Hide "remove from playlist" context menu button if user does not have required permission.
Prevent user from sometimes retaining permissions to add tracks to playlist when playlist collaboration is turned off.

A more descriptive error message will now be shown if incompatible PHP version is detected.
Artist "verified" status can now be toggled when editing artist from admin area.
Tracks will now always fallback to simple seekbar if waveform is not available.
Bug Fixes
Fixed an issue where channel search was not working if channel type of content was set to "multiple types".
Fixed redirect url after artist is created in admin area.
Fixed a few issues with images not showing when sharing track or album on social media sites.
Fixed an issue with similar artists having wrong url sometimes on artist page.
Don't show "become artist" menu item, if user is already an artist.
Allow searching all artists in backstage request form, regardless of current user permissions.
Fixed playlists page in user library on mobile.
Fixed a few issues with sitemap generation.
Album and track importing by spotify ID will now work correctly if that album or track has already been imported previously.
Radio will now work correctly on PHP 8
Fixed a few issues with algolia search provider.
Fixed an issue where public image would sometimes be uploaded as private when using s3 to store files.

Artist and album can now be imported by spotify ID even if providers are set to local in settings page.
Bug Fixes
Fixed an issue where "Add content manually" type for channel would not work correctly when creating a new channel.
Fixed a few issues with manually re-ordering channel contents.
Fixed an issue with track and album page not showing artist name in browser tab title.
Fixed an issue where changed seo settings in appearance editor would not save sometimes.
Fixed an issue with some profile details not saving correctly when editing user profile page.
Fixed a few issues with record importing in search settings page.

BeMusic PHP Script Features

  • Automation
  • Content Management
  • User Artists
  • Appearance Editor
  • Ads
  • Roles & Permissions
  • Follower System
  • Easy Installation
  • Editable Landing Page
  • SaaS mode
  • High Performance
  • User Libraries
  • Playlists
  • Player
  • Dark Mode
  • Channels
  • Search
  • Custom Pages
  • Waveforms
  • Sharing
  • User & artist profiles
  • Menu Editor
  • Analytics
  • Translatable
  • Responsive
  • Settings
  • Multiple Homepages
  • Source Code
  • SEO Editor
  • Authentication
  • Disable Registration
  • Professional Design
  • Documentation

Download BeMusic PHP Script

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