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Cornerstone 6.1.4 Nulled – Best WordPress Page Builder Plugin

FREE Download Cornerstone Plugin Nulled is a 100% front end WordPress page builder that will change the way you create pages. Gone are the days of having to click back and forth between a clunky admin panel and your site. Cornerstone Wordpress Plugin is now you can see all of your work as you build the page, bringing fun back into the creative process.

Cornerstone WordPress Plugin Changelog

Bugfix: Fix responsive text regression
Bugfix: Fix video poster image not working in background layer videos
Bugfix: Fix Classic Card element not animating
Bugfix: Fix delayed Animation Effects jumping to the end too early

Bugfix: Fix hash scrolling not scrolling to elements in the footer or other repositioned containers
Bugfix: Fix static CSS for Slide elements not loading when used with themes other than X

Bugfix: Fix scroll effects not completing causing elements inside to not be clickable
Bugfix: Fix responsive text javascript not running
Bugfix: Fix hash scrolling not respecting sticky bar height

Bugfix: Fix builder not loading when offscreen elements are utilized
Bugfix: Fix Slide Container autoplay options not working when there is only one Slide Container on a page

Feature: New Slider Elements
Updated: Allow clamp, min, max CSS functions in unit inputs
Updated: Clicking a virtual looper element will now inspect the source element
Updated: Removed IE11 javascript polyfills
Updated: Add WooCommerce Product Gallery IDs to be used with Dynamic Content Looper providers
Updated: Counter element will detect commas and decimal points and retain them in the animation
Updated: Update hash scrolling to use window.scrollTo
Bugfix: Fix padding being applied as margin on Audio, Video, Tabs, and Widget Area elements
Bugfix: Fix fatal PHP error when calling WooCommerce cart Dynamic Content in contexts where the cart doesn't exists
Bugfix: Fix template exports not including images that were stored as an attachment ID
Bugfix: Fix unhandled exception when post_id is unacessible in some cases of plugins rendering the content outside of a normal theme template
Bugfix: Fix WC Dynamic Content resolving using current post ID instead of the current product ID which could potentially be different
Bugfix: Fix id attribute on some element partials being overriden by style attribute
Bugfix: Fix Rankmath plugin failing to update post meta
Bugfix: Fix custom attributes not being applied to Search Inline element
Bugfix: Fix Dynamic Content in generated CSS adding inline styles for unused properties
Bugfix: Fix WooCommerce Product Image Url Dynamic Content resolving full img tag

Cornerstone WordPress Plugin Features

  • We spent just about as much time preparing to develop Cornerstone as we did developing the tool itself with much of that time being devoted to testing and working with dozens of potential interfaces to find the best possible experience for our customers. We can’t wait for you to see it for yourself!
  • With the click of a button, Skeleton Mode allows you to visually see the structure of your entire page without leaving the front-end interface. Move elements around, configure them, and more. You’ll wonder how you ever built pages without it!
  • We keep the code lean with a focus on extensibility and customizability. Cornerstone is continually updated with new elements, templates, and 3rd party tools as we work side by side with many in the industry to make sure your Cornerstone experience is predictable, enjoyable, and second to none.
  • Multiple options for editing text and the content on your page make working in Cornerstone an enjoyable and productive endeavor. Use the standard text input or with the click of a button go fullscreen for an even larger canvas.

Download Cornerstone WordPress Plugin

Note: If you are having trouble with Download FREE Cornerstone WordPress Plugin, try to disable adblock for the site or try another Web Browser. If disabling AD blocker or change Web Browser not help to you please contact us.



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