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Divi Machine – Toolkit for Adding and Creating Dynamic Plugin

FREE Download Divi Machine Plugin Nulled is a toolkit for adding & editing dynamic content in Divi. Build complex websites that displays dynamic fields you can filter, search and much more. Create virtually any type of Divi website with custom posts types.

Divi Machine WordPress Plugin Changelog

* FIX - JS error on frontend

* MOD/NEW ADDITION - ACF Item Module - added the setting "ACF Field Type"
        - Migrated "User Field Type" under this and if they select "User Field", this will show 
        - New setting under "ACF Field Type" - Category, Tag or Taxonomy of current CPT. This will help you show a field from a category for example.
                1) Add a taxonomy field to the post you are wanting to show the field on.
                2) In the post setting, define the taxonomy (for example a category) that you want to show
                3) Choose the taxonomy field you have created in step 1 - "Field Taxonmy ACF Name"
                4) Make sure to choose the ACF you want to show (what has been assigned to category) in "ACF Name"
* MOD - New setting "Public Queryable" - to disable single and archive layouts
* MOD - Disable our translation files if you enable this in Divi > Theme Options (Disable Translations)
* MOD - Added options to define a custom slug for module overrides (if CPT is made outside of Divi Machine)
* FIX - Button icon not working on the search post module
* FIX - fatal error showing in some cases for post object and single ACF item
        * MOD - Added setting to choose "indent" instead of "prefix" for the child categories in the filter. Define the space you want it to indent by
        * MOD - added main-loop class for machine loop if selected
        * FIX - Removed variation swatches JS code from BC so that it does not effect the order bump
        * FIX - Click on parent when Collapsible was not working, it would not check the parent checkbox
        * FIX - Fixed issue with Divi Machine gallery not loading after ajax load
        * FIX - prefix indent was causing space - removed the space

* FIX - ACF Item not showing values in some situations 
* FIX - php notice in MachineLoop
* FIX - Slick slider issue after load more
* FIX - Order By multiple submission issue
* FIX - Link to external URL was not working after load more or filter

* FIX - JS error after ajax

* FIX - showing debug code in view post module 

* NEW ADDITION - Filter by ACF Name/Value on CategoryLoop Module
* MOD - Filter by ACF Name/Value on CategoryLoop Module
* FIX - Countdown timer after ajax return
* FIX - PHP errors showing on Machine archive/category pages

* NEW ADDITION - Added option to add subject, body and more for email link
        - Subject: page URL, page Title or custom text 
        - Body: Custom text 
        - Body After: Add page title or url after body text
        - Custom paramaters: add custom text after such as CC or BCC
* NEW ADDITION - Added settings for Email field type
        - email subject (page title or custom)
        - email body
        - extra parameters if you want to add manually
        - Set email to be "[email protected]" to have no "to" address - if they want to email something to themselves for example
* MOD - Remove . before each module name
* MOD - Gallery module - get field/images from author if used
* MOD - Added setting to enable/disable cluster maps on the archive loop module
* MOD - Changed setting in ACF from "Is this a author field?" to be "Is this a user field?" and then a new setting to select if it is the field from the author of the post or the user logged in
* MOD - Taxonomy Linked related posts
* MOD/FIX - "Image ACF Link Field" - if blank, check for repeater subfield so it works with repeater Custom Loop Layout too
* FIX - Search SQL issue when single quote is in search string
* FIX - Custom Icon issue of load more button on machine loop
* FIX - Gallery Issue when filtering
* FIX - Prev/Next Icon for post modal
* FIX - PHP 8, visaul builder was not loading when Machine was active
* FIX - Gallery Pro not showing images
* FIX - Taxonomy filter issue
* FIX - Checkbox value as url
        * MOD - Remove . before each module name
        * MOD - Added option to add custom values for the range slider. So you can have the steps as 0,100,1000,10000 for example.
        * MOD/FIX - Customised settings so that you can change the border radius and box shadow on the select, range and radio boxes
        * MOD - Add Include Custom Taxonomy Terms in ProductLoop module
        * MOD - Linked Posts by ACF taxonomy field
        * FIX - BC - when scroll to orderby on mobile - was not working, it will default to the archive loop on mobile to scroll to if no orderby
        * FIX - ICON issue on Machine Archive Loop module
        * FIX - Filter issue by search keyword when reload page

* FIX - Gallery Icon issue
* FIX - PHP error
VERSION 4.1.2 -24/11/21
* MOD - Put all modules into folder "Divi Machine"
* MOD - Repeater Module - table option, added select and checkbox compatibility
* MOD - Added setting "Is this an author field?" - we try work out if its an author field but if it is not working - enable this
* MOD - Added setting to only show "update_content" modal type when the person click on the post rather than on page load
* FIX - Repeater module issue
* FIX - ACF show/hide row and section were not working well when jQuery was deferred
* FIX - ACF Item module for checkbox in Group field.
* FIX - ACF Item "hide" option issue when value is empty
* FIX - ACF Item "Custom Text" showing separator when "Show Label" is disabled
* AJAX FILTER UPDATE 1.9.1 & 1.9.2
        * MOD - Put all modules into folder "Divi Ajax Filter"
        * FIX - Improved fixing Icon issue with new Divi Update from Divi 4.13.0
        * FIX - Multiple product tag filter issue(PHP error)
        * FIX - Archive Loop issue on Search Page
        * FIX - Machine Loop issue for ACF filter
        * FIX - Remove BodyCommerce scripts on Divi Machine
        * FIX - Variation Swatch normal style issue(Opacity)
        * FIX - Multiple post type selection issue after new CPT is added on Machine Loop
        * FIX - Price range filter when tax option is enabled
        * FIX - Styling issue after filtering on normal page

* FIX - Improved fixing Icon issue with new Divi Update

* NEW ADDITION - View Post modal, ability to display as "content update" instead of pop up modal. This will display the loop layout above or below the archive loop/ carousel. When you click, it will update this content to be the post you chose.
* NEW ADDITION - Google map clustering (https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/javascript/marker-clustering)
* MOD - ACF Item - added setting to define if in repeater loop layout as some cases our autodetection code was not working
* FIX - Icon issue for Divi 4.13.0
* FIX - ACF icon italic style issue
        * MOD - Add include category feature for linked post Archive Loop
        * MOD - Add ACF filter for Related Post Archive Loop
        * MOD - Add Archive Loop filter by non empty ACF value (Get posts only that specific acf value is set)
        * MOD - Filter Items order by menu_order
        * FIX - Fix button product loop overwriting atc module
        * FIX - ICON issue for Divi 4.13.0
        * FIX - Multiple post category filter issue
        * FIX - Remove Filter Param issue on combination category filter
        * FIX - Loadmore issue
        * FIX - Include tag and categories were applied for default woocommerce layout
        * FIX - Filter Param & Filter issue when filter by button
        * FIX - ACF Date Picker order by today to +custom days
        * FIX - Parent Category expand icon nonclickable issue
        * FIX - Search/Filter field padding/margin issue

* MOD - Gallery module - added setting to choose same height on the thumbnails too "Same height thumbnails too?"
        Gallery module - added setting to define if in a repeater loop layout, so it will find the gallery items - before it was not working when inside a repeater loop layout - Is this inside a repeater loop layout?
* MOD - ACF ITem - Conditional logic, adding CSS class - added settng "Is this in a loop layout?" to only add css class to the item inside the grid it belongs to
* FIX - Category Loop - image left causing issue with  link
        * FIX - Styling issue after ajax call
        * FIX - PHP Errors on modules
        * FIX - Visual Builder loop preview issue
        * FIX - Exclude options on Filter item module

* NEW ADDITION: Added compatibilty for ACF Options (ACF Pro) - enable the option "ACF is on an Options Page" in the ACF Item module, under the specific settings tab
* NEW ADDITION: Gallery Module 
        - Define number of images you want to show 
        - Grid Settings:
                - Added option to change gutter size
                - Added option to customise the grid using custom code - see this doc here:
* NEW ADDITION: ACF Item module - Added some conditional logic settings    
        - added option to hide another module/row/section based on the ACF true/false field.
        - added option to add a CSS class to another element based on a select or checkbox field
        - If ACF value is empty you can:
                - Hide Module (default)
                - Hide Parent Row & this module
                - Hide Parent Section & this module
                - Hide Another Element & this module (define CSS selector)
                - Show custom text that you define
* NEW ADDITION: - Category Loop: Added setting to define the HTML tag of the title
                       Added setting to customise the description text appearance
                       Added setting to customise the box-shadow and borders of the categories
                       Added setting to show ALL the terms regardless of if on a single page
* MOD - ACF Item: Added option to let a link/url field to be another ACF Field
* MOD - Archive Loop: Changed include/exclude categories/tags to be SLUG comma-seperated. If using IDs before, please change to slug
* MOD - Orderby Wishlist ( for Machine Account)
* FIX - PHP Notices on render function of all modules
* FIX - code optimizing for multiple dmach_pretty_permalinks calls
* FIX - ACF on category page would not work
* FIX - ACF Item search option Titanframework php error
* FIX - Blank Carousel Item issue
        * NEW ADDITION - Filtering options orderby (Category/Tag/Taxonomy/ACF) - ability to change the order of the filter items in the select drop down for example.
        * FIX - Checkbox Type ACF field for "Numeric" filter value type Filtering issue
        * FIX - Order by Wishlist posts per page issue
        * FIX - Styling issue after ajax
        * FIX - Include/Exclude category on Product Loop module for ajax filtering/pagination
        * FIX - Relationshiop ACF field support for Linked Post on Machine Archive loop
        * FIX - Include tag issue on Archive Loop
        * FIX - Filter Items "Show More/Show Less" issue
        * FIX - Multiple Level Conditional category filter option issue
        * FIX - Search Filter Item js error
        * NEW ADDITION - Added multiple post type selection - Divi Machine only for now
        * NEW ADDITION - Added Product Variation Type in ProductLoop module - You can now show the product variations as seperate products on the product loop
        * NEW ADDITION - Added "Exclude Tags" in machine loop
        * NEW ADDITION - ACF field Sort type added for Machine Loop
        * MOD - Added de_ajaxfilter_before_shop_loop_item/de_ajaxfilter_after_shop_loop_item hooks on Product Loop
        * FIX - Order by ACF field issue when filtering
        * FIX - Filtering issue with tax_query or meta query is empty in original query
        * FIX - Map pins for ajax loadmore
        * FIX - Style Confliction with other modules for ajax call
        * FIX - Filter Count issue
        * FIX - Filter issue for conditional category issue when child is empty
        * FIX - Filter issue when press enter key to search
        * FIX - Load more issue when inside loop module is in layout

* FIX - Missing code for new ACF Field sort (nothing major)

* MOD - Archive Loop - added option to filter posts by ACF Field (not just datepicker)
* FIX - ACF Item - Select option not rendering value in some cases 
* FIX - ACF Item Module issue for radio type

* FIX - ACF Item Module issue

Divi Machine WordPress Plugin Features

  • Create Custom Taxonomies
  • Linked Post TypesLinked Post Types
  • Grid/ Masonry LayoutsGrid/ Masonry Layouts
  • Custom Category & Tags Custom Category & Tags
  • Create Custom PostsCreate Custom Posts
  • ACF IntegratedACF Integrated
  • Archive PagesArchive Pages
  • Single PagesSingle Pages
  • Ajax FiltersAjax Filters
  • Ajax SortingAjax Sorting
  • Ajax Load MoreAjax Load More
  • Search FormsSearch Forms
  • Tabs, Accordion & TablesTabs, Accordion & Tables
  • ACF MapACF Map
  • Free Layout Packs Free Layout Packs
  • ACF RepeaterACF Repeater
  • Slider/ CarouselSlider/ Carousel
  • Gallery Gallery
  • Visual Builder Compatible Visual Builder Compatible

Download Divi Machine WordPress Plugin

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