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Gravity Forms PayPal Checkout Add-On 2.2.1 Wordpress Plugin

FREE Download Gravity Forms PayPal Checkout Addon Nulled you can simplify accepting payments on your WordPress website, collecting payments in over 100 currencies across 200 different markets worldwide.  Leverage the power of PayPal using the PayPal Checkout Addon for Gravity Forms.

Gravity Forms PayPal Checkout Plugin Changelog

- Fixed an issue where orders failed to be processed when the order currency is different than the default Gravity Forms currency.
- Fixed an issue where smart buttons do not function correctly when the user switches between a one-time and a subscription feed.
- Fixed typo in error message
- Updated the alerts to use the new alert styles.

- Added a new setting to the PayPal field's appearance tab to show or hide the [PayPal credit messages](https://www.paypal.com/merchantapps/appcenter/accelerategrowth/paylatermessaging).
- Fixed an issue that prevents transactions from processing if the product name or description exceeds the character limit.
- Fixed an issue which causes the Dashboard to break if the PayPal API has a Server Error.

- Added the [gform_ppcp_discount_total](https://docs.gravityforms.com/gform_ppcp_discount_total/) filter that allows modifying the discount total value before sending it to PayPal.
- Fixed an issue that prevents forms from submitting properly when enabled with Ajax.
- Fixed an issue that causes duplicate PayPal smart buttons to appear on multi-page forms using Ajax.
- Fixed the do not prompt buyer to include a shipping address setting to work correctly with forms configured with a subscription feed.
- Fixed an issue that causes a notice about misconfigured subscription settings to display in other add-on settings.
- Fixed an issue where the PayPal credit button incorrectly appears as a payment option for subscriptions.
- Fixed an issue that causes PayPal Checkout to generate PHP notices when saving feeds for other add-ons.
- Fixed an issue where the submit button does not display if a PayPal feed is active.
- Fixed an issue that prevents form editors from creating test submissions in preview with forms that have a subscription feed.

- Added support for subscriptions.
- Added support for authorizing a payment and capturing later for products and services.
- Added a refund button to the entry detail page to allow payments to be refunded in full from Gravity Forms.
- Added support for setup fees within subscription feeds.
- Added support for trial periods within subscription feeds.
- Added logging statements.
- Updated the name of the add-on from PayPal Commerce Platform to PayPal Checkout.
- Updated the menu and form editor icons to use Gravity Forms 2.5's font icon set instead of an svg.
- Updated error messages displayed when insufficient address details are sent to PayPal.
- Updated error message displayed when PayPal cannot locate an order ID.
- Updated PayPal payment buttons to abide by conditional logic rules set on the form submit button.
- Updated the PayPal field appearance tab in the form editor so that smart button previews fully display in horizontal layouts regardless of their selected size.
- Fixed the PayPal field so it renders when product quantity is disabled in Gravity Forms 2.5+.
- Fixed some javascript errors that sometimes occur when rendering the PayPal Smart Buttons.
- Fixed an issue that allows the credit card field to display with a subscription feed if it is the only payment method.
- Fixed display issues with the PayPal credit card field in the editor when used in combination with the legacy markup setting.
- Fixed an issue where changes to the Cardholder Name settings in the PayPal field are not being retained on save.
- Fixed an issue where field settings won't expand in the form editor if the add-on is not connected to PayPal.
- Fixed an issue that causes form submissions to fail when a product price is calculated using merge tags.
- Fixed an issue with locating entries by transaction ID when processing some webhook events.
- Fixed an issue where the credit card field was displaying in multi-page forms when PayPal Checkout is selected as the payment option.
- Fixed an issue that prevented submissions from processing when a form contains an invisible recaptcha.
- Fixed a layout issue when using multi-page forms with PayPal Checkout.
- Fixed the layout of the smart button options in the appearance tab of the PayPal field in Gravity Forms 2.5.

Gravity Forms PayPal Checkout Plugin Features

  • User Registration
    Configure your form so that users created with the User Registration Add-On are only created after payment is approved.
  • A Global Solution
    PayPal has infrastructure in over 200 markets, making compliance, regulatory requirements, and currency conversion easy for you. Plus, accept payment in over 100 currency types.
  • Advanced Fraud Protection
    PayPal protects your business and sellers from fraudulent transactions, using real-time intelligence and adaptive machine learning.
  • Seamless Integration
    Automatically capture credit card payments with PayPal when a form is submitted.
  • Product and Services
    Setup and sell simple products or services in just minutes . Perfect for e-commerce, marketplaces, and crowdfunding.
  • WordPress Posts
    Configure your form to both create a post and accept a payment. The post is only created if the payment is approved.

Download Gravity Forms PayPal Checkout Plugin

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