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NinjaFirewall 4.5.1 Nulled – Application Firewall To Protect WordPress Plugin

FREE Download NinjaFirewall Plugin Nulled is a powerful Web Application Firewall to protect WordPress against web attacks. NinjaFirewall WordPress Plugin Give your blog the highest level of protection it deserves no less.

NinjaFirewall WordPress Plugin Changelog

* Fixed a PHP "Cannot use object of type WP_Error as array" error.
* Activating/deactivating NinjaFirewall from WP CLI doesn't require the `--user` parameter anymore.
* On websites running PHP 7.3 or above, NinjaFirewall will use the hrtime() function instead of microtime() for its metrics, because it is more reliable as it is not based on the internal system clock.
* WP+ Edition (Premium): Fixed a bug with right-to-left (RTL) WordPress sites where the checkboxes below the log were all messed up.
* The detection of base64-encoded injection has been slightly tweaked to lower the risk of false positives.
* WP+ Edition (Premium): The Bot Access Control input now accepts the following 6 additional characters: `( ) , ; ' "`.
* The "Monthly Statistics" graph and tooltip colours were improved.
* Updated Charts.js library.
* Small fixes and adjustments.
* WP+ Edition (Premium): Updated GeoIP databases.

* Added the possibility to enter custom HTTP response headers. See "Firewall Policies > Advanced Policies > HTTP response headers > Custom HTTP headers".
* Added the possibility to view the server's HTTP response headers. Click on the "Firewall Policies > Advanced Policies > HTTP response headers > HTTP headers test" button.
* Added a warning if WordPress is running inside a Docker image and the user wants to upgrade NinjaFirewall to Full WAF mode.
* Fixed a PHP "Undefined array key pluginzip" warning when reinstalling a plugin from a ZIP archive.
* WP+ Edition (Premium): The Access Control URI whitelist and blacklist now support permalinks.
* Fixed an issue where the daily report could be sent multiple times on some multisite installations.
* Fixed deprecated readonly() function message on WordPress 5.9.
* Fixed an issue where the firewall would wrongly send a WordPress update notification.
* WP+ Edition (Premium): Updated Stripes webhook notifications IP addresses in the Access Control section.
* Updated Charts.js library.
* WP+ Edition (Premium): Updated GeoIP databases.
* Many small fixes and adjustments.

* Fixed a potential PHP error on servers running the Litespeed PHP SAPI (LSAPI) that doesn't have the MYSQLI_CLIENT_SSL_DONT_VERIFY_SERVER_CERT constant defined.
* Removed the "Cannot check if the PHP INI file is readable: connection error" warning.
* Fixed an "Undefined array key SERVER_ADDR" PHP warning.
* Updated Charts.js to v3.6.1
* WP+ Edition (Premium): Updated GeoIP databases.
* Small fixes and adjustments.

* Fixed an issue introduced in v4.4.1 where a notification email was sent each time an external application authenticated itself.

* Added support for MySQL/MariaDB database connection over SSL.
* NinjaFirewall will permanently monitor its scheduled tasks (cron) to make sure they are working. If they stopped, it would restart them and write the incident to its error log (which can be viewed from the "NinjaFirewall > Dashboard" page).
* Uninstalled plugins and themes will be removed from the cache used for security updates notifications.
* Error messages were rewritten for better understanding.
* The "Block attempts to publish, edit or delete a published post by users who do not have the right capabilities" policy will only apply if the content or the title of the post has been changed, so that plugins that are used to modify metadata such as the date and time will not be blocked.
* Users who do not have access to a WordPress installation any longer but keep receiving the firewall's email notifications, can remove their email address by clicking on the corresponding link found in every notification sent by NinjaFirewall.
* WP+ Edition (Premium): Updated GeoIP databases.
* Many additional small fixes and adjustments.

* The "Full WAF" mode can be configured to exclude some directories. That can be done from the "NinjaFirewall > Dashboard" page by clicking on the new "Configure" button. There's no need to use the ".htninja" script to exclude folders anymore. That can be useful to exclude third-party applications that rely on PHP sessions and could behave erratically with the "Full WAF" mode (e.g., Piwik/Matomo, phpMyAdmin, forums etc).
* You can easily downgrade from "Full WAF" mode to "WordPress WAF" mode by clicking the "Configure" button in the "NinjaFirewall > Dashboard" page.
* Added a warning about the "X-XSS-Protection" HTTP header in the "Firewall Policies" section: although NinjaFirewall still supports it, it is now deprecated and only used by Safari. Consider using "Content-Security-Policy" (CSP) instead.
* When reactivating NinjaFirewall from the "Plugins" page, it will verify that the path to the firewall file is correct or, if necessary, will adjust it (e.g., after a server migration etc).
* NinjaFirewall will display a warning in its "Dashboard" page if the .user.ini or php.ini file is readable.
* The configuation backup files are now base64-encoded to prevent being wrongly flagged by some hosting companies antivirus.
* NinjaFirewall will hightlight in red colour in the "Plugins" page any plugin that has a pending security update. See [https://nin.link/nfsecupdates/](https://nin.link/nfsecupdates/) for more details.
* The cache used to store information about pending security updates will be automatically flushed.
* On old multisite installations, the firewall will no longer block access to the "/wp-includes/ms-files.php" script.
* The firewall can now detect user roles even before WordPress is loaded.
* Updated Charts.js to v3.4.1.
* WP+ Edition (Premium): Updated GeoIP databases.
* Many additional small fixes and adjustments.

* Fixed a PHP fatal error ("Argument #1 must be of type array, string given") in the Events Notification page that could occur when updating a plugin.
* NinjaFirewall will only start a PHP session in the "admin_init" hook if the user is logged-in, so that unauthenticated AJAX calls will remain cookie free (props @mattvol).
* When creating a snapshot, File Check will ensure that the directory is not a PHP wrapper to prevent potential phar deserialization (props C. Chamberland). Consult this post for more details: https://nin.link/nfwpphar/
* WP+ Edition (Premium): Fixed a syntax error in a regex.
* During the File Check scan, errors will be written to the firewall's error log, which is viewable in the "Dashboard" page.
* WP+ Edition (Premium): Updated GeoIP databases.
* Small fixes and adjustments.

NinjaFirewall WordPress Plugin Features

  • Full standalone web application firewall
  • Sensei v1.0 advanced firewall engine
  • Most efficient brute-force attack protection
  • Unix shared memory use for inter-process communication
  • Multisite support
  • HTTP reponse headers
  • Powerful filtering engine
  • Response body filter (Web Filter) to scan the output of the HTML page right before
  • Centralized Logging to remotely access the firewall log of all your NinjaFirewall protected
  • sent to your visitors browser
  • File uploads management
  • Possibility to prepend your own PHP code to the firewall
  • Role-based Access Control
  • IP address & AS number Access Control
  • Rate-limiting option
  • Country-based Access Control (Geolocation)
  • URL Access Control
  • Blocks all major threats
  • User Input Access Control
  • Bot Access Control
  • IPv4 & IPv6 compatibility
  • Configurable HTTP return code and message
  • Real-time detection (File Guard)
  • File integrity monitoring to scan your website (File Check)
  • Event notifications
  • websites from one single installation
  • Activity log & Statistics
  • Widget Stats.
  • Live Log
  • Auto rotation
  • Widget Stats
  • Live Log
  • Syslog Logging (compatible with Fail2Ban)
  • Antispam for comment and user regisration forms
  • Security rules update
  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance

Download NinjaFirewall WordPress Plugin

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