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PublishPress Permissions Pro 3.7.1 Plugin

FREE Download PublishPress Permissions Pro Plugin Nulled is our plugin for advanced WordPress permissions. It goes far beyond the options you’ll find in the WordPress core. You’ll able to decide which Roles, Groups or Users can view that content.

PublishPress Permissions Pro Plugin Changelog

* Fixed : Category / Term blockages were not applied
* Fixed : Error saving posts with private status
* Fixed : Error redirecting following post save if the save operation sets a status which blocks the user from further editing
* Fixed : Status Control - status-specific supplemental roles could not be selected on Edit User / Group Permissions screen
* Fixed : PublishPress integration - Fatal error on PublishPress > Settings > Statuses screen
* Fixed : PHP 8 - Warning on Edit Permission Group screen

* Fixed: Fix the admin menu Debug Log that was not being displayed, #992;
* Fixed: Fix the fatal error while exporting the calendar as ICS file, #994;
* Fixed: Fix the post type filter in the calendar, #995;
* Fixed: Fix fatal error: [Unknown column 'following_users' in 'where clause'], #982;
* Fixed: Fix drag and drop of custom statuses for reordering, #986;
* Fixed: Fix the time displayed in the calendar items on Safari, #1001;
* Fixed: Fix moving items and date navigation on the calendar in Safari, #1002;
* Fixed: Fix input sanitization in all the modules, HTML and SQL scaping in all the plugin;
* Fixed: Fix an unopened script HTML tag in the editorial metadata module;
* Fixed: Fix metadata in the notifications body for new posts, #574;
* Fixed: Added better feedback on errors while ordering statuses in the admin;
* Fixed: Fix the debug button to only display it for those who has permissions. The debug info were still safe, but the button was displayed, #993;
* Fixed: Improved capability check on diverse functions and modules;
* Fixed: Only load admin assets and the admin menu action if the user has permission for seeing that;
* Fixed: Added nonce check for missed places;
* Fixed: Added cache to the user, author and category searchs in the content_overview module;
* Fixed: Fix the capability check for the configure button on editorial metadata metabox. It was only looking for the capability manage_options, which is customizable;
* Fixed: Added a missed capability check before showing search results in the notifications log filters;
* Fixed: Fixed PHP warning about function not defined: esc_array_of_options;
* Fixed: Only look for default capabilitys on the calendar module if in the admin;
* Fixed: Only add admin hooks if in the admin;
* Fixed: Fix the delete action for notification log items;
* Added: Add the value of the global constant DISABLE_WP_CRON to the debug info, #987;
* Added: Add the value of the global debug constants WP_DEBUG_DISPLAY, WP_DEBUG_LOGv, and WP_DEBUG to the debug info, #998;
* Changed: Removed not used and deprecated methods in the calendar module: save_post_notify_users, save_post_notify_roles, add_role_to_notify, handle_ajax_drag_and_drop;
* Changed: Improved error handling on Ajax requests on the notifications log;
* Changed: WP version updated to 5.9;
* Changed: Removed not used method remove_object_terms of the calendar module class;

* Fixed : Specific Permissions could not be added or removed using metaboxes in the post editor

* Fixed : Fatal error on sites not running PublishPress Revisions

* Compat : PublishPress Revisions - Contributors couldn\'t edit own draft posts if \"Prevent Revisors from editing other user\'s drafts\" setting enabled
* Compat : PublishPress Revisions - \"Revise\" permissions assigned under previous Revisions versions did not enable revision creation
* Compat : PublishPress Revisions - Restrictive permissions for revision creation were not applied
* Compat : PublishPress Revisions - limited revisors could not edit newly created revision under some Permissions configurations
* Fixed : Status Control - Publish / Update button caption cleared under some conditions
* Fixed : Status Control - Safari browser - Non-Editors had duplicate Pending option in Post Status dropdown
* Fixed : Status Control - Post status dropdown appeared \"squashed\"
* Fixed : Access Circles + PublishPress Revisions - Circle Activation prevented preview of unsubmitted revisions
* Fixed : Access Circles - Circle Activation layout was broken (Visibility, Editorial settings side by side)
* Fixed : Teaser - Redirect page configuration did not work on some sites
* Fixed : Teaser - Redirect setting treated as a relative URL literal if it is not the slug of any post
* Fixed : Error message after trashing a post in Gutenberg editor (although trashing was successful)
* Fixed : Trash button not initally displayed after creating a post (requires page reload)
* Fixed : Permissions table header styling was broken if custom styling is applied to certain standard WP classes
* Fixed : Edit User screen - Permissions box styling was broken if custom styling is applied to certain standard WP classes
* Fixed : Input sanitization consistency

PublishPress Permissions Pro Plugin Features

  • Custom viewing permissions
  • Custom editing permissions
  • Content creation permissions
  • Create custom user groups
  • Manage Media Library access
  • Show content teasers
  • Synchronize content to users
  • Create your own Workflow Statuses
  • Create your own Privacy Statuses

Download PublishPress Permissions Pro Plugin

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