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Redis Cache Pro 1.14.3 Wordpress Plugin

A business class Redis object cache backend for WordPress

Creates a persistent cache object. Runs on a Redis server. Supports Predis, PhpRedis (PECL), HHVM, replication, clustering and WP-CLI. Allows you to configure connection settings, cache key prefixes, replication/ clustering. Truly reliable, highly optimized and fully customizable, with a dedicated engineer when you most need it.

Redis Cache Pro Wordpress Plugin Changelog

### Added
- Added file header health checks
- Use Query Monitor backtraces and components when available
- Added integrations for several user role editors
- Detect must-use installations and VCS checkouts
- Respect `WP_REDIS_UPDATES_DISABLED` constant and environment variable
- Added `Plugin::Capability` constant
- Added `Plugin::$directory` variable
### Changed
- Use `REQUEST_TIME_FLOAT` when available for improved accuracy
- Improve handling when `WP_REDIS_CONFIG` is set too late
- Use `current_screen` action to register dashboard widgets
- Use `wp_add_inline_style()` for widget styles
### Fixed
- Replaced non-functional capability checks using `map_meta_cap` with `user_has_cap` filter
- Restored plugin meta links
- Restored mu-plugin and drop-in update notices
- Disable update button in must-use setups
- Corrected value used for total Relay memory
- Avoid warning in `Diagnostics` when `WP_REDIS_CONFIG` is not set

### Added
- Added `objectcache_dashboard_widget` filter
- Added `objectcache_network_dashboard_widget` filter
- Added `backoff` and `retries` configuration options
- Added `pre_objectcache_flush` filter to short-circuit the flushing
- Safeguard against update confusion attacks using `Update URI` plugin header
- Added `shared` configuration option to show key count instead of database size in shared environment
### Changed
- Use decorrelated jitter backoff algorithm by default for all connections
- Append analytics comment to all XML feeds
- Show license state in Query Monitor and diagnostics
- Collect Relay key counts in metrics
- Bump Relay requirement to v0.2.2
- Memorize `Relay::stats()` calls
### Fixed
- Several PHP 8.1 compatibility fixes

### Fixed
- Fixed invalid nonce errors
### Removed
- Removed unnecessary `phpversion()` and `setOption()` calls in `RelayConnector`

Redis Cache Pro Wordpress Plugin Feature

  • Rewritten for raw performance
  • WordPress object cache API compliant
  • Easy debugging & logging
  • Cache prefetching and analytics
  • Fully unit tested (100% code coverage)
  • Secure connections with TLS
  • Health checks via WordPress & WP CLI
  • Optimized for WooCommerce, Jetpack & Yoast SEO
  • Raw Performance
  • Continuously Tested
  • WooCommerce Support
  • Debugging & Logging
  • 100% API compliant
  • Seamlessly Integrated
  • Future Proof
  • Premium Support
  • Giving Back
  • Faster binary serialization support
  • LZF, LZ4 and ZSTD compression
  • Asynchronous flushing
  • Batch key prefetching
  • Batcache & WP Rocket support
  • Uses semantic versioning
  • Network (multisite) support
  • Works as Must-Use Plugin
  • Extensive and useful documentation
  • Cache analytics(early access)
  • And much more…

Download Redis Cache Pro Wordpress Plugin

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