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Download Relevanssi Premium 2.15.1 – WordPress Search Plugin

FREE Download Relevanssi Premium Plugin Nulled gives you full access and full control, with plenty of filters and ways to make Relevanssi work the way you want your search to work. Relevanssi Premium Plugin can run searches across many sub-sites in the same multi-site network.

Relevanssi Premium WordPress Plugin Changelog

* New feature: New action hooks `relevanssi_disable_stemmer` and `relevanssi_enable_stemmer`. Relevanssi-compatible stemmers should implement these action hooks: the first should disable the stemmer and the second should enable it.
* New feature: Adds compatibility for WP-Members plugin, preventing blocked posts from showing up in the search results.
* New feature: New function `relevanssi_get_attachment_suffix()` can be used to return the attachment file suffix based on a post object or a post ID.
* Major fix: Fixes the broken Relevanssi controls on block editor post edit pages.
* Minor fix: Improved the Missing terms feature when used with stemming. This fix requires updating Snowball Stemmer to version 1.3.
* Minor fix: Improves the Oxygen compatibility. Now also the [oxygen] shortcode tags are removed.

* New feature: Relevanssi can now add Google-style missing term lists to the search results. You can either use the `%missing%` tag in the search results breakdown settings, or you can create your own code: the missing terms are also in `$post->missing_terms`. Relevanssi Premium will also add "Must have" links when there's just one missing term.
* New feature: New filter hook `relevanssi_missing_terms_tag` controls which tag is used to wrap the missing terms.
* New feature: New filter hook `relevanssi_missing_terms_template` can be used to filter the template used to display the missing terms.
* New feature: New filter hook `relevanssi_missing_terms_must_have` filters the 'Must have' part of the missing terms element.
* New feature: New filter hook `relevanssi_phrase` filters each phrase before it's used in the MySQL query.
* New feature: New filter hook `relevanssi_multi_results`, which is the same as `relevanssi_results`, but is applied to multisite results, so instead of a post ID, it has 'blog ID|post ID' in the keys and as usual the post weight in the value.
* New feature: New filter hook `relevanssi_site_results`, which is the same as `relevanssi_results`, but only applied in single site results in multisite searching (ie. the filter is applied once for each subsite included in the results).
* New feature: New filter hook `relevanssi_post_author` lets you filter the post author display_name before it is indexed.
* New feature: New function `relevanssi_get_post_meta_for_all_posts()` can be used to fetch particular meta field for a number of posts with just one query.
* New feature: Relevanssi now has a keyword-based spam blocking feature to stop spam searches as soon as possible.
* New feature: The `fields` parameter can be set to `id=>type`, which returns post ID and the post type (post, user, taxonomy term), providing support for non-post results. This only works when using `relevanssi_do_query()` to run the query.
* Changed behaviour: `relevanssi_strip_tags()` used to add spaces between HTML tags before stripping them. It no longer does that, but instead adds a space after specific list of tags (p, br, h1-h6, div, blockquote, hr, li, img) to avoid words being stuck to each other in excerpts.
* Changed behaviour: Relevanssi now indexes the contents of Oxygen Builder PHP & HTML code blocks.
* Changed behaviour: Relevanssi now handles synonyms inside phrases differently. If the new filter hook `relevanssi_phrase_synonyms` returns `true` (default value), synonyms create a new phrase (with synonym 'dog=hound', phrase `"dog biscuits"` becomes `"dog biscuits" "hound biscuits"`). If the value is `false`, synonyms inside phrases are ignored.
* Changed behaviour: Multisite searching code has been refactored, and at the same time new features have been added. It is now possible to use date parameters and synonyms in multisite searching.
* Minor fix: Attachments that cause the reading server run out of memory are now labeled with the "File size too large error".
* Minor fix: Multisite searches were not logged. Now they are.
* Minor fix: Warnings when creating excerpts with search terms that contain a slash were removed.
* Minor fix: Better Ninja Tables compatibility to avoid problems with lightbox images.
* Minor fix: Trying to open the Relevanssi sidebar in Gutenberg when a post type did not support custom fields caused a crash. Now the sidebar is simply disabled if the post type does not support custom fields.
* Minor fix: Relevanssi did not work well in the Media Library grid view. Relevanssi is now blocked there. If you need Relevanssi in Media Library searches, use the list view.
* Minor fix: Relevanssi excerpt creation didn't work correctly when numerical search terms were used.

Relevanssi Premium WordPress Plugin Features

  • PDF contents Relevanssi can read the text from your PDFs, index it and search it
  • Multisite searches Relevanssi can run searches across many subsites in the same multisite network
  • Search post categories, tags and custom taxonomies
  • Custom fields Relevanssi will find the content in your custom fields, including things like WooCommerce SKUs, ACF field content or whatever it is you store in custom fields
  • Indexing DOC, ODT, RTF, ePub… content
  • Taxonomy terms No matter if you prefer categories, tags or custom taxonomies, Relevanssi will return the term archive pages in searches
  • User profiles Yes, Relevanssi will find users by their names and profile descriptions
  • Include taxonomy terms in search results
  • Shortcode output Relevanssi can expand shortcodes and find content generated by shortcodes

Download Relevanssi Premium WordPress Plugin

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