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Salient 14.0.5 – Responsive MultiPurpose Wordpress Theme

FREE Download Salient Theme Nulled which incorporates perfect blend of features and styles that helps users to best showcase business and personal projects. Salient Wordpress Theme is a feature rich WP theme which provides users with just the best platform to get started with their website in matter of no time.

Salient WordPress Theme Changelog

Updated Salient Core to v1.9.4
Fixed Flip Box page builder element to correctly display background images

Added option to specify Animation Delay on "Milestone" page builder element
Added option to specify nofollow link for "Video lightbox" page builder element
Added option to use videos in "Text with inline images" page builder element -> renamed to "Text with inline media"
Added positioning group tab for "Single Image" & "Icon" page builder elements
A full set of positioning inputs for top/right/bottom/left + transform controls are now available to define uniquely for each device viewport
Fixed Salient menu options custom typography setting to work on submenu items that contain children
Fixed page transitions to work correctly with browser back/forward cache
Fixed conflict with "MailPoet" plugin when using "defer jQuery" performance theme option
Fixed AJAX WooCommerce cart price to display in correct currency when using WPML multi currency plugin
Fixed "Break comments into pages" WordPress option to work correctly with Salient theme option "Animated Anchor Links"
Fixed "self hosted video player" page builder element border radius option to render correctly in Safari
Updated Salient Core to v1.9.3
Fixed "Image Gallery" page builder element to be able to reorder correctly when using WP 5.9
Updated Salient WPBakery Page Builder to v6.7.1
Fixed Salient Studio template library lazy loading to correctly work on all servers
Updated Salient Nectar Slider to v1.7.2
Fixed "Nectar Slider" page builder element to resize correctly when rotating mobile device orientation

v14 is a major release. After updating, remember to clear the cache from any performance plugins you have active as well as your browser cache.
Once you've updated your theme, make sure to also update your Salient plugins to get access to the features listed below.
Added 5px/10px options for "Column Margin" setting on page builder rows
Added option to lazy load to "Self hosted video player" page builder element
Added new action hooks for blog post header:
Fixed Sticky "Page submenu" page builder element when used inside global section
FIxed "Scrolling Text" page builder element zoom issue on iOS
Fixed "Post grid" page builder element sizing on tablet viewports when using masonry layout optionon
Fixed centered mobile logo positioning when using transparent mobile only logo
Fixed WooCommerce products element to display in 1 column on tablet when 1 coumn layout is selected
Fixed full page rows animation issue with footer row on mobile devices
Fixed "Sticky Media Sections" page builder element to play first video correctly when scrolled into view

Added theme option to specify custom JS code after body open tag
Added new page builder element "Sticky media sections" to allow a featured media object to be swapped/coordinated with content that is in view
Fixed WooCommerce "Reviews can only be left by "verified owners" option to correctly toggle the "Write a review" button
Fixed Spotify Icon alignment issue in footer
Fixed WooCommerce Left Thumbnails + Sticky Product Info gallery type sticking issue
Fixed "page submenu" element to allow multiple instances on the same page when using "sticky" option
Fixed 3D Transparent button issue with latest Chrome update by adding temporary workaround. This is a core browser-level issue which should be resolved soon.
Improved Flickity dragging on iOS15
Updated Salient Core to 1.9.1
Fixed Image gallery > Flickity styles to load correctly on Safari when using lazy loading option

Fixed footer copyright bar and blog single template category links to correctly inherit font sizing.
Fixed Off canvas menu icon display issue when opening on desktop viewports
Fixed JS error that occurred when using menu item set to display as a mega menu, but with with no children menu items assigned

Fixed Portfolio default style load love functionality correctly
v14.0 Major Release (11/15/2021)
Added two new demos: Salient Resort and Salient Architect
Added new "element navigator" to Salient WPbakery page builder front-end editor
Easily access and edit elements in a tree-style view
Scroll to the exact location of an element on the page
Create more complex designs with an intuitive structured overview of your content
Added option to toggle element settings position in front-end editor. Settings can now be fixed to the right-hand of the screen, out of the way of the content.
Added new and improved column/row highlighting in the front-end editor
Added new element dragging functionality with vastly better performance and element icon indicator visible in the front-end editor
Added new element icon set for page builder elements in the front & backend editors
Added option to control inner row positioning - relative/absolute with control over positioning per device viewport - Greatly enhances the potential for advanced custom designing.
Added Single Image page builder element option - continuous looped animation
Added Single Image page builder element custom max width setting for each device viewport
Added option to select WP image size for "Single image" page builder element
Added new advanced coloring overlay options within Row/Column page builder elements.
Create complex gradients with unlimited draggable colors and precise control over the angle
Added new Column page builder element animation options - continuous movement by scroll position
Create complex parallax websites
High performance CSS3 powered animation
Added theme option to specify general link styling
Added theme option to define letter spacing unit type for all fields in the Typography tab
Added field to "Single Image" page builder element to specify custom "sizes" attribute
Added option to define custom Column page builder element border radius
Added option to make Column page builder element sticky
Added "link styling" option to "Split line heading" page builder element
Added new Split Line Heading page builder element animation styles
Added option to define Split Line Heading page builder element font size separately for each device viewport
Added option to define row/column background images separately for each device viewport
Added option to define inner row "pointer events"
Added option to ignore sticky posts in Post Grid page builder element
Added new style "Vertical List" to Post Grid page builder element
Added option to define row margin separately for each viewport
Added theme option to define "Filter" Sidebar Toggle Starting State in the Salient options > WooCommerce tab
Added compatibility with WooCommerce Additional Variation Images plugin when using "Left Thumbnails + Sticky Product Info" gallery type
Added border styling options to "call to action" page builder element
Added new button style animation option "Text reveal wave" to "call to action" page builder element
Added theme option to keep single blog post navigation limited to category
Added new blog post header theme option style "Featured media under title"
Added new blog post meta theme option "Estimated reading time"
Added new blog post pagination option "Parallax Next Link Only"
Added iconsmind library to Salient Menu Item Options
Added button styling options to Salient Menu Item Options
Added new Off Canvas Menu style "Fullscreen Inline with Dynamic BG"
Added Salient Menu Item Option to make any menu item persist in mobile navigation header
Added option to add entrance animation to header navigation on a per page basis
Added option to define custom font size to testimonial slider element
Added functionality to allow Hide Header Until Needed animation effect to work on mobile devices
Added parallax and icon positioning options to "Fancy box" page builder element > hover description style
Added portrait video aspect ratio option to "Self hosted video player" element
Added lazy loading option support for "Image Gallery" page builder element when using masonry image grid styles
Added option to define background overlay coloring for all blog header styles
Added new options for "Image Gallery" page builder when using flickity styles
Option to stagger columns
Greater control over columns per viewport
Added new page builder element "Text Inline Images" which allows images to easily be placed in between words within a segment of text.
Added new options for Carousel page builder element > Simple Slider style
New drag indicator option/styling
Emit slide color to row background
Slider Transition Type (fade/slide)
Added new options for Carousel page builder element > Flickity style
Define custom widths for specific carousel items
Hide a specific carousel item on mobile
Added new performance themes options:
Responsive Page/Post Header Image Sizing
Remove Font Awesome
Defer jQuery
Added option to lazy load video backgrounds on page builder rows/columns
Added 30 new Salient Studio templates
Added PHP8 compatibility
Fixed input type "number" base theme styling
Fixed Page Full Screen Rows to correctly use permanent transparent header theme option on mobile
Fixed nectar video lightbox nectar button style to show correct coloring when hovering
Fixed "Post Grid" page builder element "Lightbox Gallery" to work correctly with Content under featured image style
Fixed "Simple Slider" carousel page builder element next/prev button icon alignment on iOS
Fixed transparent header coloring when passing Global Section elements
Fixed WooCommerce product tags widget to display correctly on mobile
Fixed WooCommerce shop sorting fancy dropdown positioning with latest WooCommerce
Fixed WooCommerce off canvas reviews functionality to work with third party plugins which override the default gallery
Fixed Flickty carousel page builder element positioning when opening material off canvas navigation
Fixed Global Section custom CSS not applying to home/front pages
Fixed "Box Roll" page header effect to allow "Image With Hotspots" page builder element to open correctly on mobile
Fixed WP dark color switcher compatibility with box roll header layout
Fixed WooCommerce filter toggle z-index issue when using "right sidebar" layout
Fixed Salient theme options panel UI responsive sizing
Improved CSS/JS asset loading
Improved Front-end editing drag/drop sorting performance
Improved Page Builder element tab categories
Updated iconsmind library to only load icons as needed instead of relying on the large bundled font file (performance improvement)
Updated Salient options > Header navigation color scheme layout to be more intuitive
Updated Salient Core version to 1.9
Updated Salient Demo Importer to version to 1.9
Updated Salient Home Slider to 1.4.1
Updated Salient Nectar Slider to 1.7.1
Updated Salient Portfolio: 1.7.1

Fixed "Page Full Screen Rows" option to correctly center columns that are set to be equal height. (WPBakery v6.7 compatibility fix)

Fixed Salient options panel dynamic stylesheet from generating too often
Fixed Redux framework admin ajax issue
Fixed performance conflict with Yoast content analyzer when using many images/galleries within page content
Note: You must update to WPbakery 6.7 to get this change.
Fixed secondary header to correctly display when using "Hide header until needed" effect and scrolling fast
Updated WPBakery to latest version (6.7)

Fixed WPbakery conflict with WP 5.8 that prevented full media library from showing when editing existing images
Fixed WPML conflicts with images set via the Salient Menu Options
Fixed WPML image captions to show correct language in image gallery page builder element when using image grid style
Fixed Page full screen rows to be able to click dot navigation without a timeout when using the "Default scroll" animation option
Fixed animated anchors to scroll to correct location consistently when linked directly from an external page/url
Updated Salient Core Plugin to 1.8.3
Updated "Quantity" string in WooCommerfce checkout to use default woocommerce text domain for automatic translation

Salient WordPress Theme Features

  • Many Available Demos
  • Exclusive Sliders
  • Multi Layer Mouse Based Parallax
  • Multiple Single Post Layouts
  • Truly Customizable Portfolio
  • Masonry Image Galleries
  • Mega menu Built In
  • Full screen Rows
  • Off Canvas Menu
  • High Performance Animations
  • Advanced Typography
  • Multiple Blog Styles
  • Page Transitions
  • 4 Icon Packs
  • Infinite Scroll option for Blog & Portfolio
  • Graphically Intuitive Shortcode Generator
  • AJAX Search
  • Extensive Theme Options
  • Custom social sharing buttons
  • Footer Column Options
  • Powerful Lightboxes
  • Valid HTML5
  • Extensive WooCommerce Support
  • Exclusive HTML5 Particle System
  • 5 Star Customer Support
  • Unlimited Color Options
  • Boxed & Wide layouts
  • Sortable Portfolio
  • Built-in “love” system
  • SEO Optimized
  • Translation Ready

Download Salient WordPress Theme

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