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Scalability Pro 4.77 – Optimization for WordPress Plugin

The Scalability Pro Plugin is the core WP Intense plugin to transform the speed and scalability of your WordPress site. It does so primarily by eliminating table scans and using index seeks instead. A highly scalable site will not slow down as your site gets bigger. Without Scalability Pro, you’ll likely see a degredation of performance on your website once you exceed 5000 products, orders or users. Caching can help, but what you really need is to make sure your website scales, regardless of how big your website becomes. A scalable website is as perceptibly fast at generating a web page when there are 1,000,000 users as it is when there are 10,000.

Scalability Pro WordPress Plugin Changelog

* Fixed the 'remove sort order' option - it was previously overruling some pages that it shouldn't - it definitely only affects the main query on the front end now
* Sort option also disabled if ?orderby parameter in the URL
* Sort option confirmed compatible with super speedy search RELEVANCE scoring
* Fixed multisite compatibility for creating indexes

* Altered the update checker to use Bitbucket instead of my own server

* Upgraded the update checker - checked the two errors that I fixed earlier are fixed in the update. 

* Hardened plugin update checker - an error was occurring if the wpintense json file was not available

* Added 3 new indexes for the new way WP All Import performs image lookups

* Merged old items into core

Scalability Pro WordPress Plugin Features

  • Speed up imports – 10-fold speed boost or more, depending on how big you are.
  • Speed up archive pages, whether it’s posts, products or custom post types, your main archive query will be ultra-fast.
  • Speed up wp-admin – stop wasting your staff’s time, making them curse WordPress. Speed up slow order and product admin pages
  • Speed up XML sitemaps – having a sitemap is useless if they take too long to generate.
  • Speed up slow themes – many themes have poorly written SQL queries that are easy for us to optimise.
  • Includes access to our Discord Server so you can chat directly to Dave Hilditch about your site performance – we won’t let you down!

Download Scalability Pro WordPress Plugin

Note: If you are having trouble with Download FREE Scalability Pro WordPress Plugin, try to disable adblock for the site or try another Web Browser. If disabling AD blocker or change Web Browser not help to you please contact us.


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