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uCloud 2.0.2 – File Hosting Script – Securely Manage & Share Your Files

FREE Download uCloud PHP Scripts is a enables freelancers, small businesses (such as media agencies) and webmasters to easily share their files online. It’s been built to be extremely robust, secure and very fast!

uCloud PHP Scripts Changelog

- Fix to Server-Side Request Forgery on remote url download.
Release notes: To apply the update from v2.0.1, simply upload the following files to your install:

- Added file manager actions buttons to mobile view.
- Added option on public sharing page to download all share as zip or just the current folder.
- Significant performance improvements on download as zip feature.
- Increased max supported filesize on the document viewer to 50MB (from 10MB).
- Better fallback handling if file is greater than 50MB on document viewer.
- Moved script version number into /app/core/Framework.class.php.
- Minor fix to folder paging when no files.
- Minor fix to edit file, folder dropdown not always listing all folders.
- Minor improvement to JS translation function.
- Minor fix to empty trash function.
- Captcha code output fix, due to the way Twig handles HTML they were not always rendered as expected.
- Minor fix to add user account type admin function.
- Removal of various PHP notices.
- Minor fix to auto scan of any newly added themes. Previously this was not automatically showing in admin.
- Improvements to file import script (import.php within the file import plugin).
- 404 page spelling fix.
- Other minor fixes and performance improvements.
Release notes: To upgrade from 2.x, backup, then upload the files from /app, /plugins & /themes to your
install. Then apply the database patch in /install/resources/upgrade_sql_statements/v2.0.1.sql.
Then clear your application cache (via the admin area, site configuration). See the upgrade
guidance in the documentation for more information.

- Support for uploading additional files without reloading the browser.
- Complete core rewrite:
--- New MVC script framework.
--- Separation of business logic (PHP) and views.
--- Custom page url routing.
--- Friendly urls throughout main site and admin area.
--- Twig templating engine - True separation of PHP logic and views.
--- Javascript translations moved to external JS file rather than embedded in the page source.
--- Application cache for increased performance - Routing Cache & Twig Template Cache.
--- New MVC structure for both plugins and themes.
--- Controllers and templates and be overridden at plugin and theme level.
--- Added support for transparent pngs on avatars.
--- Friendlier urls on direct file links. (removal of view.php)
--- Moved towards object based data updates (ORM).
--- New terms & privacy pages.
--- Admin test tools.
- Backblaze cloud file storage support.
- New media player for videos and audio type files.
--- Includes playback speed control, chromecast support and audio visualisation.
- Social login plugin upgrade, including refreshing guidance.
- Improved Sharing Functionality:
--- Share files aswell as folders now.
--- Select multiple files/folders to share at once, rather than folder only level.
--- Admin manage sharing pages.
--- Globally shared folders - admin can set folders to be accessed by all accounts.
--- Moved shared folders/files into dedicated left navigation item.
--- Email notification added on internal sharing.
- Added option to set keywords and description on files.
--- Keywords displayed on file details view, linked to search.
--- Search feature now includes keywords and description.
- Improvements to drop & drop uploads directly into file manager without loading the uploader popup.
- Site setting option to use local sessions rather than database based sessions.
- Site settings to control min/max length of account usernames.
- Site setting to enable download tokens to be limited by IP address.
- Minor formatting changes to file details page, including adding a back button.
- Added sharing page and trash page links on mobile view.
- Enabled 'enter' key submission on add/edit file/folder popups.
- Minor fix to avoid reloading page if upload completes when viewing file details.
- Minor fix to script update notification checker.
Release notes: This release is a major upgrade to the codebase. To upgrade existing installs,
please see the "Upgrade from v1.x" tab in the /install/ folder.

uCloud PHP Scripts Features

  • NEW Core script rewrite to new faster & more powerful MVC framework!
  • NEW BackBlaze storage support.
  • NEW Use with Wasabi using this guide.
  • SFTP, FTP, Rackspace and Amazon S3 Storage.
  • Internally shared files & folders. Share multiple files & folders with other registered users and enable them to view, upload and download files.
  • NEW Global sharing option.
  • PHP7.2 support.
  • Multi-file uploader with progress. 5GB+ filesize supported.
  • Images previewed before upload. File icons shown for each file before upload.
  • Percentage progress, size remaining, upload speed and time remaining.
  • Background uploading of files. Continue to manage your account while files are being uploaded.
  • Drag & Drop into the browser to begin uploading.
  • Send via email option once uploaded.
  • Copy folder url to the clipboard link.
  • Built in url shortener.
  • Support for multiple file servers.
  • Full path to the file.
  • HTML code to directly copy into a website.
  • Forum code to directly copy into a forum.
  • Link to view statistics for the file.
  • Link to remove the file.
  • Links to share with common social media sites; Facebook, Twitter etc.
  • Link to share via email.
  • Login with your Facebook, Twitter or Google Account (optional setting via admin).
  • User registration page.
  • NEW Terms & Conditions page.
  • NEW Privacy Policy page.
  • Built using ajax so the entire file manager is lightning fast!
  • Thumbnails generated for images & pdf files (requires imagemagick)
  • File previews for a huge amount of files
  • Caching of image thumbnails for fast load times.
  • Right-click menu options on each file & folder to quickly manage the options.
  • Powerful search widget. Quickly shows you files and folders which match your search.
  • Advanced search to find files by upload date and folder.
  • Requires account to upload and manage files. (admin controlled)
  • 2 view options for files
  • Full screen mode.
  • Sort file listing by filename, file size, date uploaded, last access and total downloads.
  • Change the amount of files shown per page.
  • Download an entire folder as a zip file.
  • Duplicate file(s) option.
  • Rename, move & delete file options.
  • Watermarking of images by folder option. Upload a png watermark, set the position and padding. This can then be enabled by folder. Use this to share ‘proof’ copies of images to customers without giving the user full access to the image.
  • Built in support for xSendFile & xAccelRedirect! Big improvements on server performance if enabled.
  • Files are stored securely on your web host. They are renamed without the extension on upload and placed inside a folder which can’t be accessed directly.
  • Downloads are done using a secure access hash which expire after use. The same download link can not be used multiple times.
  • Detailed File Statistics

Download uCloud PHP Scripts

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