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Uncanny Groups for LearnDash 4.2 Plugin

FREE Download Uncanny LearnDash Groups Plugin Nulled WordPress plugin to simplify group management, front end reporting and course sales to organizations. Those powerful features take care of managing groups.

Uncanny Groups for LearnDash Plugin Changelog

Added a way to swap products based on quantity #321
Improved compatibility with WPML #308
Group Keys - Enforce alpha-numeric enrollment keys #318
Progress report - Completion of courses now works consistently on LD 3.5+ #314
Group management page - Permission fix for Admin users #319
Course report - Permission fix for Admin users when loading child groups in a Group hierarchy #337
Course report - Performance improvements for larger sites #241
For Developers:
New action: WooCommerce License purchase - ulgm_before_license_group_is_inserted #324
New action: WooCommerce License purchase - ulgm_after_license_group_is_inserted #325
New filter: WooCommerce License purchase - ulgm_license_group_linked_course_id #327
New filter: WooCommerce License purchase - ulgm_license_group_courses_linked_in_order #326
New filter: Group Progress Report: ulgm_include_user_direct_enrolled_courses #332

ulgm_bulk_discount_table - shortcode to allow Groups Bulk Pricing table to be displayed on any page #302
Changes/fixes to ticket submission data #306
Gravity Forms - Code redemption for existing users now works more reliably  #304
Fatal error on failed remote get #301

Optional group hierarchy support to reports in order to include child group data
Group Management page - CSV export button #250
Essay Report - Ability to pre-populate a search using ?search=query #246
New setting: Do not free up a seat when a student with "Completed" status is removed #260
Added current action argument to ulgm_gdpr_is_group_leader_allowed filter #285
Group Course Reports - Improved performance #241
Associated WooCommerce orders displayed on Edit Group page limited to 15 #224
Date Complete column now sorts properly on different date formats #269
Back to Group Management buttons now work consistently across different site configurations #263
Back to Group Management button no longer incorrectly adds -1 as group-id #249
Password reset URL not visible in send password reset email on some sites #248
Outgoing emails now formatted correctly when sent via WP Mail SMTP #238
Emails with HTML entities now render correctly #230
Unable to checkout using PayPal Payments by WooCommerce Plugin when bulk discounts are enabled #225
PHP error when WooCommerce briefly unavailable during plugin update process #240
PHP error if $product->get_id() is called without validation #296
New filter: Progress Report - ulgm_progress_report_courses #276
New filter: Progress Report - ulgm_progress_report_user_quizzes #275
New filter: Progress Report - ulgm_progress_report_user_courses #274
New filter: Group Management - ulgm_is_reconcile_required to optionally bail front end reconciliation #271
New filter: Group Course Report - ulgm_group_course_report_user_course_data #252
New filter: ulgm_other_similar_orders_limit limit # of orders on edit group page #226

New #ResetPasswordLink token for emails generates a 1-click password reset link #198
Group name field on WooCommerce checkout page no longer shows confusing field description #221
WooCommerce guest checkout no longer throws an error #186
Uncanny Codes and Uncanny Groups field conflict with Theme My Login #211
Uncanny Codes and Uncanny Groups field conflict with WPForms #204
Seat assignment not calculated properly in certain situations #206
Seat count disparity when users are added or removed on edit group page #193
Course Report - Permission issues in some instances #200
Email body now supports full HTML templates #192
Fixed PHP warning trim() expects parameter 1 to be string, array given #210

Quiz Report: Now includes users that have not yet attempted the selected quiz #156
Woocommerce - Group subscription license purchases are now autocompleted #162
Group management - Add user: Nickname is now set to First Name Last Name instead of username #174
No longer using block_categories filter as it was deprecated in WordPress 5.8 #170
Added ulgm_group_management role to the list of allowed roles for the create group shortcode #140
Previously stored transient causing issues for new group purchases on multisites #177
"Pay with PayPal" payment gateway now works reliably with custom group purchase and group name #167
Upload users: Semicolon-delimited CSVs now work more reliably #166
Code redemption autoload options from wp_options table #164
Uncanny Groups/Codes Key field conflict on some sites running Uncanny Codes #159
WooCommerce Subscription reactivation now properly restores user and course access to the group #158
"Not Started" in the Group Management table is now translatable #155
Restored Course column to the individual course report #154
Extraneous character suffixed to true #153
Assignment Report: Trashing the assignment is now working consistently #150
Assignment Report: Unapproved assignments not showing up in some situations #149
CSV upload no longer breaks when a field contains an apostrophe #145
Responsive mode showing [object Object] under Key column on group management page #141
Irrelevant UI elements are no longer being displayed to basic (non-upgraded) groups #118
For developers:
ulgm_learndash_group_enrolled_users filter to modify group enrolled users #182
ulgm_quiz_report_hide_unattempted_users filter to hide users that have not completed a quiz on the quiz report #181
ulgm_quiz_report_user_data filter to modify quiz report data #180

ulgm_groups_management_selected_group_id filter to set selected group on Group Management page #121
ulgm_user_registered action after user is registered with native form #136
Checkboxes now appear more consistently for all groups in user list on Group Management page #132
Back to Group Management button now appears on all reports when Group Management page is set #123
PHP error: Class uncanny_learndash_groups\WoocommerceLicenseSubscription not found on some sites #129
Group Progress Report: JS file version changed to avoid cached file #133
Reactivating an expired or cancelled subscription license now restores course and user access as expected #125
Group hierarchy in group selector on Group Management page now renders correctly when users do not have access to a top-level group #121
Group Name field now displays consistently on checkout when a subscription license is in the cart #135

Uncanny Groups for LearnDash Plugin Features

  • without having to access the confusing wp-admin interface
  • sell groups to organizations
  • add and invite users, send password reset emails, edit users, modify progress
  • uploading a csv file, or by distributing enrollment keys so that users can self-register
  • a powerful front-end interface for reviewing, grading and approving quiz essay questions and assignments
  • view progress and quiz results by user, group, or course
  • manage learner progress and download learner certificates
  • pre-set course bundles that users can purchase on a one-time or subscription basis

Download Uncanny Groups for LearnDash Plugin

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