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WooCommerce Composite Products 8.3.6 Wordpress Plugin

FREE Download WooCommerce Composite Products Plugin looking for a way to offer customizable product kits, such as custom computers, skateboards, gift-boxes, or made to order jewelry. The most flexible, robust product builder for WooCommerce.

WooCommerce Composite Products Plugin Changelog

* Fix - Change price filters priority to retain compatibility with All Products for WooCommerce Subscriptions.

* Fix - Fixed an issue that made component discounts apply twice when manually renewing a Composite Product on subscription. 

* Feature - Added compatibility with PayPal Payments to hide quick pay buttons in Composite product pages.
* Dev - Added 'woocommerce_composite_after_composite_price' action hook.
* Fix - Fixed an issue that prevented Scenarios from being taken into account in catalog price calculations when the 'Catalog Price > Calculate from/to' option is active.
* Fix - Fixed PHP notice when switching a subscribed Composite that includes a Product Bundle.
* Fix - Rename 'woocommerce_cart_item_removed' filter to 'woocommerce_composited_cart_item_removed' to prevent issues with performance and loops when removing components from the cart.
* Fix - Fixed issue that made sorting/filtering options show up for optional components with only a single product.

* Fix - Fixed missing notices.
* Tweak - Improved compatibility with Memberships.

* Fix - Fixed incorrect early returns in 'set_notice_option'.

* Fix - Prevent composited product stock from being reduced when editing Composite products in configurable orders.
* Fix - Fixed an issue that prevented the 'Analytics > Composites' report from displaying results when running the latest version of WoCommerce Admin.

* Important - Composite Products now requires WooCommerce 3.6+.
* Feature - Introduced 'Analytics > Composites' revenue report.
* Feature - Made it possible to remove optional Components in the Cart page.
* Feature - Introduced 'woocommerce_composite_component_disable_addons' filter.
* Fix - Fixed failed Add to Cart action when the selected option is not in current component view.
* Fix - Display product's original price in composited item price if the component has a discount.
* Fix - Fixed a fatal error that is triggered by invalid 'wc_cp_notice_options' values.
* Fix - Prevent duplicate component option title from showing when configuring a Composite Product in an order.

* Feature - Re-introduce 'Virtual' checkbox for Composite Products. When saving a Composite as Virtual, all physical products purchased in its Components will be treated as Virtual, too.
* Fix - Fixed 'Undefined variable: availability' notice in 'WC_CP_Product::get_availability_text()'.
* Fix - Display the component page with the selected option on page load for paginated components.
* Tweak - Updated the data structure returned by 'WC_CP_Scenarios_Manager::get_settings()' to prevent datatype errors when 'json_encode' gets called downstream.
* Tweak - Added 'add-to-cart' parameter to submit button.

* Fix - Reset product ordering query filters after querying component options.
* Fix - Hide stock message for composited products on backorder.
* Fix - Fixed some styling issues with the Astra theme.
* Fix - Fixed Composite Summary Widget styling issues on small screen sizes.
* Fix - Fixed Composite Summary Widget styling issues with the Divi theme.
* Fix - Fixed Composite Summary Widget styling issues with the TwentyTwenty theme and Elementor Pro.
* Fix - Autoscrolling to the current selection now works for all Components when using the Stacked layout.

WooCommerce Composite Products Plugin Features

  • Customizable flows and layouts, and
  • Unclutter your workflow
  • Conditional flows and dependent options
  • An extendable, adaptable architecture
  • advanced product grouping capabilities
  • A streamlined, personalized purchasing experience
  • Features that scale
  • Flexible pricing and shipping features
  • Support for conditional logic

Download WooCommerce Composite Products Plugin

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