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WooCommerce Floating Cart 2.6.3 Nulled Wordpress Plugin

FREE Download WooCommerce Floating Cart Plugin Nulled for that slides in when the user decides to buy an item. Woo Floating Cart Fully customizable right from WordPress Customizer with Live Preview. Products, quantities and prices are updated instantly via Ajax. With Floating Cart, the cart is always accessible, even when your usual buttons aren’t.

WooCommerce Floating Cart Plugin Changelog

- **new**: **Pro** Shipping methods within Cart Totals / Checkout: Added an option to select between Radio buttons or Dropdowns https://d.pr/i/BsOiBg
- **new**: **Pro** Added option to hide 3rd party WooCommerce Notices that appear within the Floating Cart (Info & Success notices only) https://d.pr/i/QiAqIh
- **fix**: Minor css fixes
- **support**: Support for WooCommerce Minima and Maxima plugin.
- **fix**: Freemius Security Fix
- **update**: XT Framework update

- **support**: Wrapped the **woocommerce_before_cart** action output with the **force_balance_tags()** wp function to make sure the returned html is always valid to avoid 3rd party hooks from messing up the cart display.

- **fix**: Fixed missing dependency error with free version.

- **new**: Customizer: Visibility options now included within the free version
- **new**: Customizer: **Body colors** are now **Global colors** and they are now included within the free version. This allows easier global color customizations. You can override some of these colors from other sections.
- **new**: Added 2 new JS api functions: **xt_woofc_scroll_to_top()** and **xt_woofc_scroll_to_bottom()**
- **new**: **Pro** Shipping methods within Cart Totals / Checkout form will be displayed in a dropdown instead of multiple radio buttons. **https://d.pr/i/LLK3AW**
- **new**: **Pro** Major Checkout Form Update. Changed the way the checkout is loaded and will handle checkout validation in a better way. For better compatibility with most themes and third party plugins, the checkout form is now embedded in an iframe. It won't be loaded below the cart list anymore, it will be displayed on its own, once the checkout button is clicked as a 2-step process.
- **new**: **Pro** New checkout thank you template. /parts/checkout/thank-you.php. This template will be displayed after placing an order using the embedded checkout form. https://d.pr/i/3FEQDN
- **new**: Apply **woocommerce_before_cart** native action to display woocommerce notices if any
- **new**: Added option to override WooCommerce notices colors within the Floating Cart. **https://d.pr/i/6ftu5J**
- **enhance**: **Pro** Enhanced the display of the shipping address within Cart Totals. Added Location & Edit icons. **https://d.pr/i/LLK3AW**
- **fix**: When the cart is empty and the trigger is hidden, adding an item to the cart for the first time, the fly to cart animation brings the image way below, before the trigger is even visible. Fixed by showing the trigger before starting the animation.
- **fix**: Multiple CSS fixes, enhancements
- **update**: **Pro** Updated template: /parts/cart/coupon-list.php
- **update**: **Pro** Updated template: /parts/cart/shipping.php
- **update**: **Pro** Removed deprecated template: /parts/checkout/checkout.php
- **update**: **Pro** Removed deprecated template: /parts/checkout/checkout-fields.php
- **update**: Major Code Update / Restructuring
- **update**: XT Framework update
- **support**: Better support for FlatSome theme
- **support**: Support WP v5.9

- **fix**: Fixed conflict with PPOM plugin (woocommerce product addons)
- **update**: XT Framework update

- **update**: XT Framework update

- **new**: **Pro** Added a new filter hook **xt_woofc_custom_fields** to easily add product custom fields within the cart. Simply append meta fields to the array as meta_key / meta_label: https://d.pr/i/rFDqTr / https://d.pr/i/WA7off
- **update**: XT Framework update

- **fix**: Fix error in backend
- **update**: XT Framework update

- **update**: Modify plugin name to avoid trademark violation with WooCommerce
- **new**: **Pro** Added a new filter hook **xt_woofc_custom_attributes** to easily add custom product attributes within the cart. Simply append attribute slugs to the array: https://d.pr/i/yegGjD

- **new**: **Pro** Added a new option to clear the entire cart in 1 click after customer confirmation. An undo link will also be displayed to be able to restore the entire cart once again. Simply enable the Clear All Icon within the header settings. Screencast: **https://d.pr/i/p43ybf**
- **new**: **Pro** The free shipping bar will now take into consideration taxes in case the woocommerce setting: "display prices during cart and checkout" is set to "Including Taxes".
- **fix**: Fixed issue with the "Keep visible on empty" not being applied properly since

- **fix**: When deleting all products from the cart, the close button disappears even if the cart is still open.
- **fix**: Minor css fixes

- **new**: **Pro** Added new option to hide Add To Cart buttons within Suggested Products
- **fix**: **Pro** Fixed layout issue with the Shipping Table within the native checkout page when "Cart Totals" is enabled.
- **fix**: Minor other fixes
- **fix**: Updated Xirki Customizer Library

- **fix**: Disable within new Widget Block Editor to avoid conflicts
- **fix**: Fixed intermittent error: Undefined variable: is_bundle_item when updating item quantity
- **fix**: Fixed conflict within the new Block-based Widgets Editor in WordPress 5.8
- **support**: Support native "woocommerce_update_cart_validation" hook to validate item quantity change

- **fix**: Fixed conflict with Stripe For WooCommerce plugin when Express Checkout Form is enabled.
- **fix**: Disable quantity input for bundled items.

- **fix**: Fixed issue with single product ajax add to cart event not being tracked by some analytics plugins
- **support**: Support event tracking by analytics plugins. (add to cart / remove product from within the floating cart)
- **support**: Support PHP v8.x. Removed deprecated warnings.
- **update**: XT Framework update

- **fix**: Fix issue with the "Have a coupon ?" toggle taking time to appear after adding an item to the cart
- **fix**: Fix outdated "shipping.php" template warning in woocommerce status report
- **fix**: Minor CSS Fixes

WooCommerce Floating Cart Plugin Features

  • Apply Google Fonts
  • Change Cart Position
  • Select between Subtotal or Total to be displayed within the checkout button
  • Product Variations Support
  • Change Cart Width/ Height
  • Change Counter Position
  • Customize using WordPress Customizer Live Preview
  • Select between 11 loading spinner animations
  • Enable Fly To Cart animation
  • Exclude pages from displaying the cart
  • Device Visibility options
  • Ajax Add to cart also supported on Single Product pages
  • Ajax Add to cart also supported within Quick View Modals
  • Custom Colors / Backgrounds
  • Custom Icons (SVG / Image / Font Icons)
  • Option to change the checkout link to redirect to the cart page instead
  • Option to trigger the cart on Mouse Over with optional delay
  • Display product attributes within the cart
  • RTL Support
  • Automated Updates

Download WooCommerce Floating Cart Plugin

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