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WooCommerce Opayo Payment Suite 5.7.4 Wordpress Plugin

FREE Download WooCommerce Opayo Payment Suite Plugin Nulled is two payment gateways in one, allowing you to use one or both to take payments with WooCommerce via SagePay UK. You deserve the best payment provider that works for your business.

WooCommerce Opayo Plugin Changelog

 * General - WC 6.2
 * General - Update readme file
 * Opayo Direct - Fix field length for BrowserLanguage
 * Opayo Direct - make sure expiry date can be added as 02/22, 02/2022, 02 2022, 2 2022
 * Opayo Direct - Allow for £0 initial subscription order that don't use Free Trials
 * Opayo Direct - Always log wp_remote_post errors
 * Opayo Direct - remove some exit() from 3D Secure process
 * Opayo Direct - add additional order notes for 3D Secure failures
 * Opayo Direct - Use $_REQUEST not $_POST for 3D Secure process to allow for 3D Secure form variations
 * Opayo Direct - Check settings for empty values.
 * Opayo Direct - Fix add payment method not sending amount maybe
 * Opayo Direct - Make sure new token is not deleted from subscription when changing payment method

 * Opayo Direct - Fix customer XML for no previous orders

 * Opayo Direct - Fix broken Voids

 * Remove developer debugging code

 * Opayo Direct - Add CustomerXML to request
 * Opayo Direct - Add AcctInfoXML to request
 * Opayo Direct - Add MerchantRiskIndicatorXML to request
 * Opayo Direct - Fix change payment method when not using tokens

 * Allow for subscription renewal re-attempts if renewal fails because it needs a token
 * Checkout CSS tweak
 * Opayo Pi - Filter for transaction description field
 * PayPal SVG logo
 * Opayo Reporting - option to set order statuses that can be changed to Fraud Status
 * Opayo Direct - Fix Call to undefined method Sagepay_Direct_Subcription_Renewals::get_allowgiftaid()

 * Card icon CSS

 * Fix relative link to card icons
 * Update card icons
 * Update Checkout SagePay link
 * Strip HTML from basket
 * Remove version 5.5.3
 * Clean up basket code, remove pre WC version 3 code
 * Opayo Direct - improve failure order notes
 * Opayo Direct - additional order notes during transaction
 * Opayo Direct - fix missing description
 * Opayo Direct - fix missing card icons
 * Opayo Direct - Add option to change checkout button text
 * Opayo Pi - Fix admin spelling mistake
 * Opayo Pi - Add option to change checkout button text

 * Opayo Direct - Fix PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '->' in refunds

 * Opayo Direct - Fix 'This payment method is invalid, please try a different payment method.'

 * Remove subscription dev code

 * Version bump

 * Opayo Direct - rewrite
 * Opayo Pi - refactor
 * Opayo Pi - Token support with WooCommerce checkout form
 * Opayo Direct - Remove iFrame 3D Secure option temporarily
 * Opayo Direct - Protocol 4.00 only
 * Include version 5.5.3 for easy roll back if necessary

 * Opayo Pi - CSS class for payment method description
 * Opayo Direct - add_post_meta not update_post_meta for 3D Secure return
 * Opayo Direct - verify subscription renewal data array before sending
 * WC 5.8

 * Version bump

 * Opayo Reporting - Optionally prevent Opayo Reporting from changing an updated order back to fraud-screen
 * Opayo Form - remove option 2 and 3 for 3D Secure settings, revert to 0.
 * Opayo Direct - additional 3D Secure checks
 * Opayo Direct - fix for missing transaction data from New Order email.

 * Opayo Pi - change load priority for Opayo checkout script
 * Opayo Pi - checkout form setting added to System Status output
 * Opayo Pi - validate sessionKey expiry date
 * Opayo Pi - fix sessionKey validation

 * Opayo Reporting - check for valid settings before loading reporting files
 * Opayo Direct - trim field lengths
 * Opayo Direct - PHP Notice: Trying to access array offset on value of type bool
 * Opayo Pi - Ensure scripts are only loaded if Pi is enabled
 * Opayo Pi - Optional Drop In checkout form

 * Opayo Direct - clean up 'payment complete'

 * All payment methods - mask passwords.
 * Opayo Direct - Force ApplyAVSCV2 = 2 if no CVV for existing tokens.
 * Opayo Direct - Add transaction data for failed release attempts
 * Opayo Direct - Payment status check for all failed Opayo status
 * Opayo Reporting - Add XML check to System Status
 * Opayo Reporting - Make sure a new report is generated when editing the order for orders that are not complete or where a report does not exist.
 * Opayo Reporting - Validate the API details if there is an error and show result in metabox
 * Opayo Reporting - Add metabox to WooCommerce Subscriptions.
 * Opayo Pi - Fix Transaction Type

WooCommerce Opayo Plugin Features

  • Customer stays onsite for entire transaction
  • Supports recurring payments for WooCommerce Subscriptions
  • Supports refunds in WooCommerce admin
  • SSL Certificate required
  • Supports WooCommerce Pre-Orders
  • Supports Tokens with WooCommerce 2.6 and higher
  • Capture Authorised transactions from within WooCommerce

Download WooCommerce Opayo Plugin

Note: If you are having trouble with Download FREE WooCommerce Opayo SagePay Form Plugin, try to disable adblock for the site or try another Web Browser. If disabling AD blocker or change Web Browser not help to you please contact us.



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