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WooCommerce Product Bundles 6.14.0 Wordpress Plugin

FREE Download WooCommerce Product Bundles Plugin Nulled is the most flexible, robust product bundling toolkit for WooCommerce, powering thousands of successful stores. Its product grouping, pricing and shipping features have been designed to make sure it works great across a broad range of use cases. To make the offer more appealing, you can discount the entire package, or individual items.

WooCommerce Product Bundles Plugin Changelog

* Fix - Recalculate bundled item stock status when the 'Min Quantity', 'Filter Variations' or 'Optional' setting changes.
* Tweak - Made it possible to remove individual optional items that are part of an ungrouped bundle with mandatory items.
* Tweak - Move Composite Products integration module code into Product Bundles.
* Fix - Display the 'Additional Information' tab for unassembled Product Bundles with physical items.
* Tweak - Refactored 'WC_Product_Bundle::apply_subs_price_html' and introduced 'WC_Product_Bundle::apply_subs_calculate_price_data' which can be used to update Bundle structured product data to include subscription prices.
* Tweak - Use new WooCommerce brand colors.
* Fix - Fixed issue that prevented Bundle-Sells from being imported via the REST API.

* Fix - Fixed an issue where override title setting was not respected when manually adding items to an order in admin.
* Fix - Fixed an issue that made Bundle-Sells use inaccurate display settings.
* Fix - Fixed warnings triggered by using deprecated 'is_ajax'. Replaced with 'wp_doing_ajax' for WooCommerce v6.1+.

* Fix - Change price filters priority to retain compatibility with All Products for WooCommerce Subscriptions.

* Fix - Fixed fatal error that was triggered when adding non-purchasable Subscription products as bundled items.
* Tweak - Added compatibility with WooCommerce Payments to hide unsupported quick-pay buttons in Bundle product pages.

* Feature - Support bundle sells in REST API.
* Fix - Fixed an issue that prevented stock statuses from showing up under 'Analytics > Bundles'.

* Fix - Fixed an edge-case issue with removing ungrouped bundles that include hidden items.
* Fix - Prevent bundled item inventory from being reduced when adding non-configurable bundles to orders manually.

* Feature - Added compatibility with PayPal Payments to hide quick pay buttons in Bundle product pages.
* Dev - Added 'woocommerce_bundles_after_bundled_item_price' action hook.
* Fix - Prevent infinite max Bundle price when the max Bundle quantity is capped.
* Fix - Trigger 'woocommerce_bundled_cart_item_removed' when a bundled item is removed from the cart.

* Dev - Added 'bundled_item_reset_variation_image' JS filter to make variation image reset logic for optional bundled items customizable.
* Fix - Fixed an infinite loop affecting discounts when using Memberships.
* Fix - Fixed missing notices.

* Fix - Fixed incorrect early returns in 'set_notice_option'.

* Fix - Prevent bundled item stock from being reduced when editing Bundles in configurable orders.
* Fix - Fixed a fatal error affecting the integration of Product Bundles with Memberships, triggered when trying to retrieve the ID of a non-object.
* Fix - Fixed an issue that prevented the 'Analytics > Bundles' report from displaying results when running the latest version of WoCommerce Admin.

* Fix - Fixed fatal error triggered by 'exclude_bundled_product_from_member_discounts' when the product object is missing.
* Fix - Prevent duplicate 'Part of' cart item meta when reordering ungrouped bundles.
* Fix - Fixed a fatal error triggered while removing an optional bundled item during the subscription renewal of a Bundle with subscription plans.
* Fix - Relaxed validation checks while renewing subscribed Bundles with deleted items.

* Fix - Prevent stale products in cart while using item grouping 'None'.

* Important - Product Bundles now requires WooCommerce 3.6+.
* Feature - Added integration with the Revenue Analytics of Composite Products.
* Feature - Made it possible to remove optional bundled items in the Cart page.
* Fix - Make sure original bundled item price is displayed when the bundled item has a discount.
* Fix - Prevent bundled products from being reported as 'on backorder' in bundles, unless backordering requires notification.
* Fix - Allow bundle-sells discounts granted by Composite Products, bundled products, and composited products to be applied to other products in the cart.
* Fix - Update 'Edit in Cart' query string to include bundle quantity.
* Fix - Fixed an infinite loop affecting discounts when using Memberships. Thanks @Alex for pointing this out!
* Fix - Fixed a fatal error that is triggered by invalid 'wc_pb_notice_options' values.
* Fix - Fixed PHP notice triggered when a non-numeric value is used in 'WC_Product_Bundle::calculate_price'.
* Tweak - Bundled items are now displayed under composited Bundles in the mini cart when the 'Item Grouping > Flat' is selected.

* Feature - Added 'bundle_stock_status' and 'bundle_stock_quantity' REST API fields (read only).
* Fix - Fixed an indexing issue affecting the 'wc_order_bundle_lookup' table.

* Feature - Re-introduce 'Virtual' checkbox for Product Bundles. When saving a Bundle as Virtual, all physical bundled products will be treated as Virtual, too.
* Tweak - Add 'woocommerce_cart_item_removed' action to 'WC_PB_Cart'.
* Tweak - Made bundled product IDs clickable under 'Product Data > Bundled Products'.
* Tweak - Added 'add-to-cart' parameter to submit button.

WooCommerce Product Bundles Plugin Features

  • Add simple, variable and subscription products to bundles, including virtual and downloadable flavors of all types.
  • Extend it. Looking for REST API support? Need a generous amount of
  • Composite Products, Name Your Price, or One Page Checkout? We got your back!
  • Ready to take WooCommerce to the next level? Jilt and Metorik fully support Product Bundles!
  • filter/ action hooks at your disposal? How about a comprehensive technical documentation?
  • Create digital and downloadable bundles.
  • Build customizable bundles with configurable quantities and optional items.
  • Use dynamic pricing rules to offer bulk discount packages.
  • Managing a large store? Use bundled product inventory reports to find bundles with insufficiently stocked contents.
  • Tweak the appearance of bundles and bundled items in single-product, cart/checkout and order/e-mail templates.
  • Customize it. Check out our growing collection of free snippets and mini-extensions for quick customizations and enhancements.
  • Control the pricing and shipping configuration of each bundle down to the last detail.
  • Planning to use Product Bundles with Subscriptions, Product Add-ons

Download WooCommerce Product Bundles Plugin

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